4 Things You Can Do With Your Old iPhone After Upgrading

With the release of iPhone 5, everybody that is a real Apple fan, tries to upgrade to the latest model. Many people think of the older versions as obsolete and simply let them rot in a corner. It's like in movies: a robot is invented -> everybody is thrilled with the new invention and use it -> research advances and newer, better, faster version is invented -> the old robot will become scrape parts.

things to do with your old iphone

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We can't really compare an iPhone with a robot but there are plenty of similarities between what happens with older iPhone versions.If you just upgraded to the latest version of iPhone, chances are that you will probably want to know what to do with your older versions so that's why I compiled these four things that you can do with your older iPhone.

Things You Can Do With Your Old iPhone After Upgrading to New iPhone

Here are the top 4 options you have when speaking of your older versions of iPhone:

1. Use it As an iPod

They look the same, they act the same (well, the iPhone is better in every way, except battery life - you just got yourself an "upgraded iPod"). Since it is already activated, your old iPhone can be also used as an internet surfing device using Wi-Fi as these days Wi-Fi connections are available everywhere.

As a note, the older iPhone can be used as an iPod or internet surfing device even if you don't have a SIM installed so don't worry about that.

2. Pass it down to a Friend / Family Member

I would like to be in the shoes of that person that will get a free iPhone from one of his family members.

Once you upgrade to the latest version, your old iPhone can be given to someone like a family member or friend and they only need to go to an AT&T/Verizon store to ask for a new SIM card and get their iPhone activated. Simple.

3. Get some Money by Selling it

Even if the market can be somewhat flooded with scammers and people trying to get your iPhone almost for free, you can get a nice price on your older model if you have patience. The best option in selling your iPhone is always ebay as this website is one of the most surfed website by people that are trying to buy something cheaper or older. 

4 Things You Can Do With Your Old iPhone After Upgrading

As a side note, don't forget to erase your private data like pictures and messages on your iPhone before passing it to someone else.
You can do that by hitting the home screen, tab the settings tab, tab general and then tab reset.

Erase All Content and Settings iPhone

The latest tap will be the "erase all content and settings button".

4. Donate it to Charity

Doing a good deed now and then is always a good thing and if you haven't heard by now that you can donate your old cellphone to charity, now you know it. Even if they won't necessarily give your older phone to people in need, they will sell them to cellular collecting companies and use the money to help those people.

There are many charities that receive older phones but I don't want to give any names here so every one has an equal chance. Searching on google will suffice as you will find them with ease.

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