What is AdWords? How to Set Up a Basic AdWords Campaign

Google AdWords is an Online Advertisement platform that allows us to display Ads on Google Search engine when a related term is searched. For example, If your business is Painting Walls then you can Set up a Campaign using AdWords. If some customer searches for Painting Wall or any other related keyword then Google AdWords will Display your Ads. 

google adwords

This will help you find more customers, You can also limit the ads to display in your business location. This means Google will only display your ad is someone searches for it in your area.

google adwords ad campaign

How to Setup a Basic Google AdWords Campaign 

First You'll need a Google AdWords account, If you don't have one then create it first. Its Free, just go to Google AdWords Website.

Step 1: Now that you have a Google AdWords Account, Login to your Account first. 

Step 2: From your AdWords Dashboard, Go to Campaigns > New Campaign. Choose Search & Display Networks.

Step 3: Leave everything as it is, Scroll to the Locations section. Here you can choose the locations where you want your ads to display. If your ads are about local business then choose your country, state or city only. (ex: India, Maharashtra, Mumbai etc.)

Step 4: Scroll to the Bidding and budget Section. Choose AdWords will set my bids to help maximise clicks within my target budget

For Budget, You can Enter your Daily Budget which will be the amount that you're willing to spend each day on this campaign. Once you meet your average budget your ads will stop showing. You budget can be anything like ($1, $10, $100 etc)

Step 5: Ad Extensions, Here you can Attach some useful data with your campaign like:

  • Location: Ticking this option you can attach your Address, Map location, Email etc. This will help google display your ad when someone searches for business in your area.
  • Sitelinks: With this extension you can link various pages of your website with your campaign.
  • Call: Call Extensions will help you display your Telephone number with Ads. You can connect with you customers directly.
  • Social: This will Add a +1 button on your ad.

Step 6: Creating Advertisement

  • Headline: This should be your business title, make sure to use targeted keywords, for example: New York Budget Hotel. This headline includes the name of Place and business.
  • Description Line 1 & 2: Add a brief description about your business and offers. Don't stuff them with keywords, You can use these lines to display Address, Offers, deals etc. for example: Near Time Square, 20% Discount for Students etc.
  • Display URL: Here enter the URL of your website.
  • Destination URL: Here enter the URL of page which describes best about the deal, product etc.

Step 7: Enter keywords related to your Ad. Don't keep on repeating same keyword again and again. Use keywords which you think a customer will use when searching for your business. Try using AdWords Keyword tool to find out best keywords.

Step 8: After Adding keywords, Click on Save and Continue to Billing button.

Set up your billing profile, Enter your billing information and click on continue.

Step 9: Now Choose the Payment Method. If you have Promotional codes then enter it.

Now your Campaign will start running, You can track clicks using Google AdWords Dashboard. Hope this post was helpful, Please leave your comments below.

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