Top Cloud Computer Companies Of 2012

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Cloud computing is becoming more commonplace is nearly every type of successful business in recent times. Adopting a cloud platform can help reduce downtime, improve communication and data analysis within the organization and can improve remote access capabilities as well. Clouds are becoming increasingly attractive to businesses with multiple locations or around the clock operations.

As clouds become more popular, there are an increasing number of different providers that offer divergent services for several types of businesses. Reviewing some of the top tier providers are can make it easier for owners and managers to choose which cloud service is the best fit for the business.


top cloud computer companies 2012

Verizon’s massive wireless customer base and its expansive 4G LTE network make it one of the premier data companies in the entire world. The recent $1.8 billion acquisition of cloud computing firm Terremark has made Verizon one of the top choices in the cloud sector looking forward. Verizon also brought on the CTO of Terremark, the original founder of CloudSwitch, another cloud firm recently acquired by Verizon.


Amazon is one of the most premier cloud companies due to its AWS platform that many independent developers and major multi-national firms rely on a daily basis.


top cloud computer companies 2012

Rackspace is one of the most competitive cloud firms due to its open-source OpenStack service. Many people would compare OpenStack to Google’s open-source mobile Android OS. Rackspace worked with NASA to develop the popular, free and reliable open-source cloud platform. Many direct competitors like Citrix work with OpenStack because of its success and prominence in this industry.


top cloud computer companies 2012

Microsoft’s long-standing dominant presence in the enterprise sector makes it one of the premier cloud companies as well. Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform is a reliable service for millions of developers around the world. Azure has also had success by adopting a similar price model as Amazon’s AWS offering. Microsoft may add Linux to the Azure platform in the near future while it has other cloud services as well like Office 365, cloud apps for enterprises and SkyDrive.


top cloud computer companies 2012

Google may be the most popular tech firm in the world that provides cloud services. The Google App Engine is a platform that many developers use to host different types of apps. The Google App platform is becoming increasingly competitive with Microsoft’s 365 services for enterprises.

Citrix Systems

top cloud computer companies 2012
Citrix is a popular choice that is becoming increasingly competitive with VMWare through its CloudStack operations. CloudStack has helped Citrix sell more of its software and products that compete with VMWare.

Clouds are attractive because they typically offer unlimited space and access for storage and are typically a very affordable way to improve and expand the business substantially. These online platforms are effective in making daily operations more convenient for just about anyone involved in the business.

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