Top 5 Web Start-Ups of 2012

This is a Guest Post by Naomi Esterly

web startupThrough economic hard times of 2012 entrepreneurs have become creative and are able to shine through it all. These creative entrepreneurs introduced 5 ground-breaking startup companies that resulted in changing the way we shop, share, influence others and become charitable donors. Here is a list of 5 remarkable startups revolutionizing the social media market.

1. Mulu

A social media website site where consumers are able to support organizations with a cause just by purchasing their favorite handbag. Some of the organizations include Rock the Vote, Girl Up, and Charity Water. To become a generous donor you create a mood board and share your favorite products. 

web startup 2012 mulu

If a purchase is made due to a recommendation from Mulu the percentage of the profit goes to one of Mulu’s charities of your choice. The site’s standout feature has attracted several celebrities that are sharing their favorite products. The curators also answer question about the recommended products. They have differentiated themselves from popular websites, such as Pintrest, by allowing products to be purchased directly from the image on the mood board. This has definitely changed the way consumers shop in 2012.

2. Stipple

web startup 2012 stippleStipple has taken tagging pictures a notch up and has created a way to generate income from the images being tagged. Initially Stipple allowed people to tag photos of others from different social media sites using the user names from the sites. Once the user name was tagged it allowed others to see the user’s updates from the site. 

They were able to take it to the next level by allowing people to see what type of clothing they had on and where it can be purchased. If a sweater catches your eye that someone is wearing you are able to see the brand and the option to put it on a wish list. Every person tagged is a walking billboard for various brands. This has not only transformed the retailer advertisement industry but has modernized the way people shop.

3. Zaarly

Zaarly created a Craigslist meets Ebay meets Yard Sale site with a twist. Users and sellers create accounts and the bidding begins. People list products and services they are looking for, how much they are willing to pay for the product, when they need it, and how far they are willing to trek to pick it up. 

web startup 2012 zaarly

The listing is posted and is often shared on social media sites. After the listing has caught the attention of sellers they begin to bid. Once the buyer finds an arrangement that fits his needs they accept the bid and make payment by cash or through Zaarly’s payment system. The distinction between Zaarly and other popular auction sites is they allow services and not just product and the buyer has added control of their purchase. This is an innovative way to source products and services.


One of the leaders in trendsetting members only shopping website. Fab offers it all no matter what you are looking for. They have it because they have a live feed to show what users are buying and commenting about. The users linked their Fab account to their social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. 

web startup 2012 Fab

The users basically share their information from their post. The site is design-focused. This type of opportunity used to be exclusively available to the rich and famous but now has given the common man an opportunity to shop this way as well. Add the fact that the website is user friendly and you’ve got the complete online shopping experience.

5. Expensify

web startup 2012 ExpensifyExpensify is a resourceful web program that allows employees and business owners to track their expenses and create reports. The users are able to scan images of receipts to their phone using free scan apps. Once uploaded the data creates a report in PDF that allows the user to email. Another great feature of the site is that it creates a analytical report of expenses. The exceptional feature that is most useful for sever users who travel is that it tracks the mileage. If you find tracking expenses a challenge then this website is for you.

These five companies are a testament to the fact that everything starts with a single great idea. Whether it’s a fresh take on what we already have or something we’ve never seen before, our online experience will always be made more interesting with start-ups like these.

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guest author naomi esterlyNaomi Esterly, our guest poster today, is a mother to three kids and a wife to an army man. She finds time in between managing the house and writing freelance for companies like SecureYourTrademark.Com. In this guest post she shares some of the best start-ups of 2012.

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