Top 5 Hottest and Best Gadgets for Men

Men love their gadgets, It does not matter what age they are, they are always crazy about gadgets. As technology is growing more and more gadgets are being introduced in market and this festive season Here is a List of 5 Hottest and Best gadget. 

5 Hottest and Best Gadgets for Men

1. iPhone Battery Backup

iPhone being one of the most used smartphone is owned by many gadget freaks and smartphone users. One thing most men hate is running out of battery while travelling, This is where 'iPhone Battery Backup' comes into play. 

best gadgets for men

This is a small pocket size portable iPhone / iPod rechargable, Once connected to your iPhone, It gives you an extra 250 hours stand by time.What you have to do is, Charge the iPhone Battery Backup using the same USB cable which comes with the iPhone. Now if you run out of battery, Just connect it to you iPhone / iPod and it will start charging.

2. Football TV Remote

best gadgets for men

Are you a Football fan? Here is an awesome gadget for you to buy this christmas. Football TV remote is a fully functioning TV remote and will let you change Channels, Adjust Volume, Mute, Turn On-Off TV etc. And the best thing about It is that you can even play with it. This is the best gadget to use when watching football match. 

3. Digital Coin Counting Money Jar

best gadgets for men

Are you saving money for you gadget? Do you always lose track of your pennies? Why not use a gadget to keep track of your money. Here is a gadget which counts and keeps track of each coin which slips into it and displays the sum on an small display. This can be a perfect gift for someone who keeps losing his money. This gadget recognizes all UK coins and shows the Total on a display located at the top.

4. iPhone Game Grip

best gadgets for men

Every iPhone user love to play games on iPhone but long hours of gaming can be uncomfortable. Here is a Silicon game grip for iPhone 4 and 4S which will provide comfort to you hands.

5. Croon Audio Original Bluetooth Speaker

best gadgets for men

This is a stylish wireless speaker which connects with any bluetooth device, It can easily connect with smartphones like iPhone, tablets, Laptops, desktops, iPods, MP3 Players etc. The sound quality is amazing and the speaker comes in four different colors: Red, White, Black and Grey.

So these are some Awesome gadgets and electronics which men will surly love. I hope you guys liked my list please leave your comments.

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