Create Custom Mobile Version of Your Blogger Blog or Website

As the title says, Today I'm going to show you How to create a custom mobile version of your Blogger blog or website. Blogger's default mobile site sucks!!! It is not very much functional and does not offer much features like WordPress mobile site. Today most of the people use their smartphones to surf internet and a fact says that in 2013, More people will use smartphones than desktop's, So it is really important that you build a fully functional mobile site so that you don't loose traffic coming from mobile visitors. 

How to Create a Custom Mobile Version of a Website

Here are the steps which will help you build a mobile site in no time. I've also added some screenshots.

Step 1: Go to This is an online service which will provide free service for one year.

Step 2: Click on Get Started > Build Your Site.

Step 3: Now enter your Blog/Website's URL and hit Make My Site Mobile button.

Step 4: Now you'll have to choose a Mobile site layout. You can choose either Blog layout or website layout depending upon your site. After choosing a layout, click Next.

Step 5: Next Step is to Edit Site Design, Here you can edit various parts of your site eg. Header, Footer, Post pages, Home & iPhone icon etc. 

You can also Add content to your site and place them as you want. Things you can add: Google AdSense units, Photo gallery, PayPal buttons, Image slider, Call buttons, Social and email buttons, YouTube, RSS, Tabs etc.

Step 6: Once you're finished with designing your mobile site, Click next, Now you'll need to save your site and for this you'll have to sign up for free account. Click Next

Step 7: Now its time to Go Live and setup your mobile site to re-direct whenever someone into their phone, so that they can see mobile site instead full site.

Step 8: Login to your Blogger > Template > Edit HTML and paste the redirect code provided by dudamobile just after and Save template.

Step 9: In Blogger, Go to Template and click on mobile template settings.

Step 10: Now choose 'No. show desktop template on mobile devices' option and then click on Save.

Now you've successfully created your mobile site and Now whenever someone with type your site address into their mobile device, It will automatically redirect to your new mobile site. You can check my mobile site, Go to Do you want address for your site, then see below.

How to get Custom Mobile Site Address

Go to your website hosting provider. In DNS records, Add a new CNAME record.

  • Host Name/Alias: m
  • Value/Destination:
  • TLI: leave it as it is

Now save CNAME record and wait for a few hours. After few hours your site will automatically redirect to (mobile site)

I hope you guys liked this post, I've tried my best to make it as easy as possible with screenshots and detailed explanation But still if you're haveing any problems then without any hesitation leave comments below or contact us

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