10 Indian Bloggers with Highest AdSense Income

In the past few years blogging has grown very much in India, Many people in India started blogging as a hobby cum online income source. I believe that most of the people in India start blogging by keeping money in mind, I'm not saying that all of them but yes a big part do. Not every blogger gets success, this is normal But here are some Indian Bloggers who've touched the sky with their blogs. With great success comes big money, Yes they're living a dream life with their blog income, Let's meet them.
Note: The Alexa Rank of the following blogs was recorded as on December 8, 2012. The AdSense Income is just an estimate and not actual income, In real life their income may be more or less than displayed here.

Top 10 Indian Bloggers and their Estimated AdSense Income.

1: Amit Agarwal

Blog: Labnol.org
Alexa Rank: 2175
Estimated AdSense Income: $35,000 per month

Amit Agarwal holds an Engineering degree in Computer Science from IIT. Amit quit his job in 2004 and became the India's first and the only professional blogger. He started a Technology blog named 'Digital Inspiration' in 2004 which is now among top 100 technology and how-to blogs on the internet out of an estimated total of 130+ million blogs. Digital Inspiration won the Best Technology Blog award at Indibloggies twice. (Know more)

2: Amit Bhawani

Alexa Rank: 28,580
Estimated AdSense Income: $16,000 per month

Amit Bhawani started blogging in April 2007 and extended to multiple topics like Tech, Health, Career, Pictures, India, Auto etc. He has completed his Post-Graduation and lives in Hyderabad. He is now a full time webmaster who has a team of designers, programmers and content managers who manage his blogs.

3: Harsh Agrawal

Alexa Rank: 4352
Estimated AdSense Income: $8,000 per month

Harsh Agrawal, an engineer by education and a blogger by profession Is passionate about computing and Internet. He founded ShoutMeLoud blog and lives in New Delhi.

4: Raju PP

Blog: Techpp.com
Alexa Rank: 14,983
Estimated AdSense Income: $7,000 per month

Raju PP is an Electronics engineering graduate from Bangalore, India and has previously worked as a Technical Specialist in a leading IT firm. He quit his day job to pursue his passion of blogging in late 2009. He holds an Engineering degree in Electronics and Communications and has previously worked in Banking software domain.

5: Srinivas Tamada

Alexa Rank: 8372
Estimated AdSense Income: $6,500 per month

Srinivas Tamada is a programming freak and is the founder of 9lessons.info. He is earning handsome income from his blog and is one of the best blogger blogging about programming and design in India.

6: Jaspal Singh

Alexa Rank: 17,162
Estimated AdSense Income: $4,000 per month

Mechanical Engineer with some skills of Designing & Coding. His interest in computers & internet has made him a self proclaimed geek. Most of the time he is found with his laptop even when he is sleeping he keeps it close enough to grab a look whenever possible.

7: Arun Prabhudesai

Blog: Trak.in
Alexa Rank: 14,694
Estimated AdSense Income: $3,500 per month

Arun Prabhudesai is passionate about the new business trends in India, entrepreneurship, and Start-ups with Indian flavor. Other than that my interests include keeping in touch with latest happenings in the field of Politics, stock market, finance and of-course technology.

8: Nirmal

Alexa Rank: 29,001
Estimated AdSense Income: $3,200 per month

Nirmal is a Civil engineer  by education and IT professional by profession. He writes about freeware reviews, internet tips and tricks. Coming from asmall town named kochi,  Nirmal has changed his life through blogging.

9: Rahul Bansal

Alexa Rank: 29,887
Estimated AdSense Income: $3,000 per month

Rahul Bansal is founder and owner of DevilsWorkshop.org is a full time Blogger and Entrepreneur. He is M.Tech. (Computer Engineering) from College of Engineering, Pune. He founded DevilsWorkshop.org in June 2006 focusing on posts covering latest trends, news and analysis.

10: Honey Singh

Alexa Rank: 88,328
Estimated AdSense Income: $2,500 per month

Honey Singh a fresh graduate from college and a Full time Tech blogger is the founder and owner of HoneyTechBlog.com. He has opened his company Mediaredefined and constantly writes for his successful blog.

These guys worked really hard to get to this point, This never happens overnight it takes years of hard work. I hope this list was helpful Please express your thoughts by leaving comments.


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