Unbeatable Performances Of Nokia And Apple

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Day-to-Day new gadgets are released in the market. In that, owing top grade mobile phone is a difficult task because one should know the features and specifications of both the devices and opt for it. There might be few common features apart from new astonishing ones. In the competitive world, the trademarks take the opportunity of finding solutions for other mistakes committed by the other. In such ways the implementation, the reliability, sales and brand image gets increased. In such a context let us have few unbeatable performances of Nokia and Apple.

Operating system

Here, Apple supports only IOS i.e. OS X mountain Lion which is an advanced operating system technology with simple, powerful intuitive features and yet incredible. But, Nokia devices have access to different mobile platforms; they are Windows OS, Bada OS, Android, Symbian and Palm OS. As these are designed to run on mobile device performing various tasks and procedures. This is the best performance which can beat apple.


Based on the Smartphone the features are comparable. Few might be the best in Apple and vice versa. There are many built-in features in IPhones than Nokia tools. As it is an upgrade for the tools they come up with new astonishing features. At times it may be a foolish thing comparing the advanced specification’s and features of the gadgets.

Device and design

There are plenty Nokia gadgets which differ in device and design. Some are light weight with different texture, sleek and handy; some come up to touch and type, only touch pad, Flip model QWERTY keypad and many more. But, In Apple INC Broad rectangular devices are manufactured. They are just variations in size and sleekness. 

Quality performance

Poor reviews have come to Nokia’s performance. Though it connects people it has very low quality presentation. In this IDevices give tough competition to them. They simply rock in all over performance and quality. The interface is clear and understandable. They differ a lot in picture quality, interface, specifications and other technical stuffs.

Price comparisons

iPhone has its special brand image and an expensive gadget. There’s lots of difference in the price when the evaluation is done. Nokia devices are not so costly; they are affordable by a common man. Nut, IPhones are very costly because of their immense powered technology used in it. In such cases to grab the devices one can take help of PPI claims which can be a support to your payments.


There are applications related to business, finance, education, entertainment and many more. But the interface, the app usage, its interface differs a lot. Many apps are not user-friendly. Perfect guide should be given to user to the usage of the app. There are many real time applications provided by the IPhone which are unbeatable by any other.

Both the devices have their own app stores for downloading the required applications and related supports. Additionally Apple provides iTunes, iCloud and some more for the IOS users which can increase the work capability and easy computing. Such schemes are not much available on Nokia devices.
So these are the unbeatable performances by the specific mobile brands.

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