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Are you Trying to learn some international language? Are you an Android user? Here is a Good news for you guys - HEPILABS has developed an Awesome App series called LingLing. With this app you can learn to speak different languages fluently in a period of 10 months with their revolutionary method of teaching effectively. Recently I installed this app on my tablet and Today I'm here to Review this app.

lingling learn languages on android

Languages You Can Learn

LingLing offers different apps for learning different languages, They are working to add more languages to their series. Currently languages you can learn to speak are:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Thai


  • Learn language while playing exciting games in HD
  • Create your Avatar from over a billion combinations.
  • Discover all the secret Achievements and hidden bonuses
  • Learn languages 20 times faster than any other way.
  • 750 new words added each month.
  • 3 Difficulty levels
  • Share your progress on Social Media
  • Challenge your friends - Compete with others
Translated into 17 different languages (Spanish, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Tagalog, Hindi, Chinese, Ukrainian, Thai, Polish, Italian, Indonesian, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic) 

What Else?

With This app you can memorize words in English, Spanish or Thai 20 times faster than any other method. LingLing has a database of 42,000 words and recordings in English, Spanish, Thai and they are further translated into 18 different languages.

LingLing Developers claim that the App gives users ability to learn 10,000 words per year. According to them No other computer program or app, or method could do that yet.

Method of Teaching 

The key formula for the Apps success is their unique and revolutionary method of teaching. The App uses Spaced-repetition learning which is based on forgetting curve (which was discovered in 1885 but well applied since that time.) They make the learning process fun by mixing it with studying language thus making the process 20 times faster than any other method.

Speak Fluently in 10 months

It may take years before one can learn to fluently speak any new language. Research has proved that one can only become fluent in some language fast if he tries speaking it with some native speakers. So that means that if you want to learn Japanese fast then you must make Japanese friends or move to Japan and that's not easy at all. 

How about using LingLing for a few minutes daily, This will not only help you learn but also fun and that also in a short time span. 

My Review

Many People living in different countries don't know english. In today's world It is really important one should know an internationally used language like 'English'. Many people struggle learning english and end up 

Recently I came Across this app while searching in Google Play. The claims made by developers seemed wrong to me, So I decided to give it a try. I always wanted to learn Spanish, I've tried many books and videos in the past for learning spanish but wasn't successful, So when I saw LingLing, I installed LingLing Spanish just to see How I progress with spanish in a week's time using LingLing Spanish everyday. This was the perfect way for me to see How effective LingLing's method is. 

For next seven days I used LingLing Spanish everyday for at least 30 minutes per day. I was surprised with the results, I learned many new words without putting much efforts. I would recommend This app to people who are struggling learning English, Spanish or Thai.

From my one week of using this app, I can say that long time use will definitely help you learn and understand the language better.

Rating: ★★★★ out of 5

Get LingLing for Free!

Another Best thing about this App is that it is Completely Free, You can download this app without paying a penny from Google Play. Below are the Download links;

                   LingLing English    LingLing Spanish   LingLing Thai

lingling android learn languages englishlingling android learn languages englishlingling android learn languages english

Click on the above images to Download LingLing Android App for Free from Google Play. You can also use the below links to download

This was my review on LingLing Android App, Hope you guys liked it. Please express your views in comment section.

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