How to Change iPhone Default Browser from Safari to Other?

If you are an iPhone user then you'll agree with me that 'Safari Browser Sucks!!!' It's very slow and takes years to load a webpage. If you don't agree then just Download Opera Mini Browser or any other browser like Dolphin, Chrome, Skyfire etc. You'll be Surprised to see the difference.

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Opera mini is amazingly fast and beats safari anytime. It holds the Title of Worlds fastest mobile browser. So Today I'll show you 'How to Set Opera mini or any other iPhone browser as Default browser'. When an iPhone app needs to use Internet to open any webpage, It always use the default browser (Safari) and the slow loading annoys me. By setting opera or any other browser as default, I can now open webpages pretty faster.

How to Change iPhone Default Browser from Safari to Opera or Other

The Steps to do that are pretty simple and here is a step by step guide for doing that.
Note: Your Device should be Jailbroken for this
Step 1: Open Cydia from your iPhone Homescreen.

cydia home

Step 2: Go to Search and Search for Browser Changer

browser changer cydiabrowser changer cydia

Step 3: Install it, Once Installed it will ask you to Restart SpringBoard

browser changer cydiabrowser changer cydia

Step 4: After Respring, Go to Settings > Browser Changer

browser changer

Step 5: Enable it, Tap on Selected Browser

browser changer

Step 6: Now choose the browser you want to replace with safari

browser changer

This will change your iPhone default browser to whatever you want. Hope you like this post. Please leave your comment below.

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