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free 1000+ backlinks

Backlinks are really important for Page Rank, Website or Blog with large number of backlinks have good Page rank. There are many ways to get backlinks, easiest being 

  • Writing Guest Posts
  • Link Exchange
  • Sponsored Links
  • Commenting on Blogs (Do follow)
  • Commenting on CommentLuv enabled Blogs.
Recently I've posted an Article on 'How to Get 3000+ Backlinks Free', So Please Check it out.
Today I'll show you a way of getting 1000+ quality backlinks Free of cost, without paying anything and without giving anything in return. I'll introduce you to a website called, This website will submit your blog link to 1000+ websites/directories 

How to Get 1000+ Backlinks Free

Step 1: Go to this website

Step 2: Enter your Blog/Website Address in the Space Provided.

Step 3: Now Hit Submit button and the Tool will start submitting your site link.


Note: If you get Response Ok then it means your link has been successfully submitted, If Response is Check then it means your site is added but needs verification, If you get i then it means you'll have to add it manually.
This is Free Service and will take about 15 minutes to submit All 1132 Baclinks.


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