Chain Explosion! - An Addictive Game for Android and iOS

Chain Explosion! is a New Addictive game from RV AppStudios for Android and iOS powered devices. A simple chain explosion game which will not let you keep your eyes off of it. The game can be downloaded for Free from Google Play and iTunes App Store.

Objective of the Game

The Objective of the game is to create biggest chain explosions, Timing is the key, Once you've figured out when to start the explosion the rest is simple. You get only one chance and in that chance you have to create the number of chain explosions needed to take you to next level. 

chain explosion app

To Pass the level you'll have to create the required number of chain explosions and once you meet the goal, you'll proceed to the next level. If you manage to create more than the required number of explosions the higher will be the score.

chain explosion app

The key is to smartly place the chain explosion, The explosions will only grow further if the ball continue to hit the explosion. To pass the level you'll have to explode the given number of balls. 

chain explosion app


  • Superlative Physics Gameplay
  • 50 Interesting Levels with gradually increasing difficulty.
  • Amazing Sound Effects.

My Experience

Recently I Installed Chain Explosion! on my Android Tablet, At first I thought that this game was not that amazing as the name sounds but slowly I started liking it and soon got addictive. The reason behind my addiction to this game was its simplicity and interesting levels. I would not say that this game is the best but good and a must try.

Rating: ★★★ out of 5

Download Chain Explosion!

This was my review for Chain Explosion! Android and iOS Game from RV AppStudios. Hope you guys liked this review, Please leave your comments below.

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