5 Free iPhone Apps Which You Should Not Miss

If I say that iPhone is one of the Best smartphones then I'm sure you'll agree. A phone who brought Revolution in Touch screen world and A phone who changed the way we live. The reason behind iPhone's success is it's 4 factors or 4 strong pillars.
Capacitive and highly responsive Touch screen.
Its unique design.
Its highly powerful OS (iOS)
Of course Applications
Applications being one Important factor also helped iPhone to get the throne. iPhone apps are known for its quality and I think everyone will agree with me. Android is good but if there is best then iPhone proved it, at least I think.

iTunes store now has more than 250,000 applications and Its really confusing which one to download. This list contains _ Best and Free Applications.

1: Adobe Photoshop Express

World's Best photo editing software now in your pocket. Edit clicked photos and make them your masterpiece. Adobe Photoshop offers features like Crop, rotate, flip. Color effects like Exposure, Saturation, Contrast, B&W. Filters like sharpen, soft focus, sketch and 8 different effects. A whole photo studio in your hands. I've personally used this app and believe me it's awesome.
adobe photoshop express iphone

2: Kindle

Kindle is a Book reading applications, which allows you to carry your favourite books in your pocket. With Kindle you can read Newspapers, Magazines, Textbooks and PDF's. You can also shop for books at Kindle store. Kindle store has more than 1,000,000 books and hundreds of newspapers and magazines available. 
The Interface is easy to use and you'll sure gonna enjoy reading with this app. Kindle also have some awesome features like an Inbuilt dictionary word lookup with more than 250,000 entries and definations. A best thing about this app is that it also supports iPad.

3: Facebook

Facebook is the most visited social networking site and having an app in your iPhone gives you fast access over your wall. Post status, Upload photos, videos, Chat with friends, Write on their wall with ease. With this app you'll always be Updated. 
This apps is easy to use, Loads very fast and notifies you when someone tries to interact with you. I recommend this app to all iPhone users with Facebook account. 

4: Opera Mini

Yes, Safari Sucks. The only thing which I hate in iPhone is Safari. Safari is good and easy to use browser but the problem is that it is really, really slow. Opera Mini is popular mobile browser and It's similar to safari, But its a lot faster than the pre-installed safari. 

Now Why is Opera mini fast?, Where other browsers load the Web pages, Opera mini being a proxy browser doesn't load pages. It actually sends a request to Opera server's which loads the web page and compress it. That's way Opera is a dozen times faster. I think No more explanations.

5: Shazam

Sometimes when we are at a party or a get together or anywhere else and we hear a song and you don't know its name or don't remember or you want to know who sang it, then What? Shazam.

Just launch shazam and keep it in direction of sound, Shazam records a 10 sec clip and match it with their database and Bingo! it tells you the name of the song, name of album and name of singer etc. Isn't it awesome. This is a very useful utility and a must have for every music lover.

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