5 Awesome Article Marketing Tips

This is a Guest Post by Akhil Abraham 

If you are looking for information about best article marketing tips, you have come to the right place. All you need is sit back, relax and read the following tips stored just for you. Here are they:

article marketing tips

1: Write quality and informative contents for your target market.

Most readers prefer reading concise yet meaningful articles. Most of the time, they leave relevant comments to well-thought and well-written articles. For you to market your articles make sure you follow writing standards. Doing this means avoiding fluff, raw and nonsensical contents done often by unscrupulous copywriters and rewriters.

2: Keep writing articles and send them to major distribution directories.

distribution directories

Online guests prefer freelance writers and online publishers with regularly updated posts. This is by far one of the most important article marketing tips. Consider forwarding your collection of write-ups using master auto-responders and as a guest blogger. These methods are ways for you to reach the most number of audiences. When Internet users search for topics related to your niche, they will rank well on search engines.

3: You cross reference each of your articles, that is, at least five inlinks per piece.

Readers that click inlinks get redirected to your other articles. You can do outbound linking too. All you have to do is post your articles on various online forums or comment sections. When visitors from that site click your links, they will be redirected to your articles. These techniques are simple ways to market your articles.

4: Use major social networking, micro blogging and bookmarking services.

social bookmarking

This is one of the simplest yet most powerful article marketing tips.use major social networking, microblogging and bookmarking services. Most netizens use social media networks to chat/contact their friends, followers and subscribers. If you use this fourth tip, you can easily and quickly market your write-ups. To those familiar with the services, you know that these types of media can drive a large following because they are bound by a common interest. As such, the moment you forward your message to them about your articles marketing needs, when they respond, you have a good chance of selling your pieces.

5: Use affiliate programs that post contextual ads to each article you post.

What is good with this best practice is that aside from readers’ visits, you get to earnings too. This is actually the best part of marketing your writings online because it is important that you earn while you do the things you love doing the most.

Now that you have read these powerful article marketing tips, it is time for you to apply them. Just keep in mind who your intended readers are. That way, you will always be in the right track.

Remember: Your readers are your most important assets when you venture on article marketing business.

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