How to Turn Off Low Disk Space Warning in Windows XP - Tutorial

low disk space warning windows xpWhenever Windows detects that one of your drive has little free space, It starts giving a Warning 'Low Disk Space' Which sometimes is very annoying. Today I'll tell you a trick to Turn off this Warning in Windows XP. Its very simple and below is Step by Step Tutorial with Screen shots.

How to Turn Off Low Disk Warning

Step 1: From your Desktop, Go to START Menu and click on RUN.

windows start menu

Step 2: In Run prompt, Type 'REGEDIT' and then click OK. This will Open Windows Registry Editor.

windows run regedit


windows registry editor

Step 4: Now Go to Software/Microsoft/Windows

windows registry editor

Step 5: In Windows, Go to CurrentVersion/Policies/Explorer.

windows registry editor

Step 6: No on Right pane, Right Click > New > DWORD Value.

windows registry editor

Step 7: Name it as 'NoLowDiskSpaceChecks'

windows registry editor

Step 8: Double click on 'NoLowDiskSpaceChecks' and enter value '1'

windows registry editor 

Step 9: Click on OK 

This will disable Low Disk Space Warning, Hope you guys liked this Tutorial. Please leave your Comments.

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