How to Delete All Contacts from iPhone at Once - Tutorial

This is a quick guide on How to Delete All Contacts from iPhone at Once. This feature is very common in other smartphones but unfortunately iPhone lacks this feature. Don't worry if you have a Jailbroken iPhone or iDevice then you can get this feature easily just by following this guide.

iphone contacts icon

The method shown here is a one click solution for deleting all contacts from iPhone address book. Below is the step by step guide with screen shots for each step. 

Step 1: From iPhone Homescreen go to Cydia.

iphone homescreen springboardcydia home

Step 2: Tap on Search tab and search for 'DeleteAllContacts'.

cydia search delete all contacts iphonecydia delete all contacts iphone

Step 3: Tap on Install button and let cydia install the app.

cydia app install confirmcydia app installation screen

Step 4: Once installed an icon will appear on your spring board, Tap on it.

iphone springboarddelete all contacts iphone

Step 5: Once the app opens, You'll see a Delete button, Just tap on it and the app will delete all contacts from you iPhone at once.

This is very useful app and this method is very simple and easy, Only thing you need is a jailbroken iPhone and a working internet or wifi connection. I hope this tutorial was helpful. Please leave your comments below.

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