All European Countries Does Not have Infrastructure for Fast Internet.

european countries not have infrastructure for fast internetEurope is at present the world’s second largest digital market behind only the Asia Pacific. European markets have adapted rapidly to accommodate the broadband usage and the widespread social media in its businesses, giving rise to innovating energy services. However, main parts of Asia, Russia and Africa are catching on to the level of internet penetration in the Eurozone, which is a cause of concern for Europeans.

Now internet penetration across Europe is highly diverse and a study conducted by ESPON, an European agency monitoring internet penetration, revealed some striking trends in this regard. The most common way to gauge internet penetration is to measure the number of IP addresses used by ISP providers such as AT&T internet. An IP address is basically a unique identifying number of an internet enabled computer. 
Thus the research conducted by ESPON aimed and counting the IP addresses and patterns of concentration across Europe.

It was revealed that the highest concentrations of IP addresses were seen in metropolitan centers of Europe. These include large capitals like London, Paris, Stockholm, Milan, Madrid, Warsaw, Sofia and etc. However, other regions like countries in the South East like Bulgarian countryside, Romania, Greece, Italy and Cyprus and some in Spain internet penetration was drastically low compared to North Western European countries like Scandinavia and United Kingdom. In high internet penetration regions the study observed that the speed of internet was also consistent and many times more then what was available in lower penetration areas.

The most striking part of the study was that it found that there was no correlation between internet penetration and Economic development index since some regions of Eastern Europe such as Polish and Baltic regions showed a higher penetration then some regions of Northern Italy.

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