Best WinterBoard Themes for iPhone

I was bored of using the same iPhone Homescreen and I wanted something new. I was really missing my old Nokia 5230, because I can Mod it however I want using SPB Shell, But not on my iPhone.

So I did some research and found something called WinterBoard. I was aware about WinterBoard But I used to think that It slows the device. But my urge for new themes and modifications made me decide to give WinterBoard a shot. After Installing WinterBoard from Cydia To my surprise, The software run quite smoothly and fast. The themes were awesome and It wasn't even lagging.

I'm not saying that WinterBoard Runs really fast, Some people may notice lags and slow response if their device is fully loaded with apps and stuff. I'll suggest you guys to give it a try and see How it works for you.

How to Install WinterBoard
  • Go to Cydia in your Jailbroken device
  • Now Tap on Search and Search for WinterBoard (
  • Now Install it.

So Here are some Best Themes for iPhone using WinterBoard.

Matte Nano

Matte nano adds a cool matte look on your iPhone. This theme has more than 2300 icons, which means that almost all your app icons will get this matte look. This is an Amazing theme and my favorite of all. This theme looks very cool and doesn't slow your device.

Installation: You can find this theme in cydia under Modmyi Repo.

Optional Addition: You can make this theme look more cool by Installing Matte UI Graphite from Cydia. Matte UI Graphite will make other things like Dialer, Calculator, Messages, Battery etc. similar to matte nano theme.


This is a cool theme, The icons are pretty big

Installation: You can find this theme in cydia under Modmyi Repo.


Very Beautiful theme, I like it very much. Illumine has a large database of icons, which keeps on updating. This theme also changes the SBSettings menu.

Installation: You can find this theme in cydia under Modmyi Repo.


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