Android vs Windows - The Choice is Yours

If you’re looking for a new mobile device then the smartphone makes a great deal of sense. After all, they’re smaller than a tablet device but can offer much the same sort of computing power. They’re not going to be for everyone because the virtual keyboards and smaller screens can be a little bit of an acquired taste, but generally speaking, the smartphone is perfect for people who want to stay connected on the move.

Android vs Windows Phone
If you’re on a budget then bypassing the costly iPhone from Apple can mean you’ll have a series of other options worth considering. This mainly lies around the Windows Phone and Android operating system-based phones that are out there. Either way, there are some rich-pickings to be had, but how do you know which one is going to be right for your needs? Aside from the financial outlay, you’re going to want a handset that can do it all, right?


The Right choice

So then, which platform is the best one to go for when you’re looking at your next smartphone? Android is perhaps the first choice for many consumers, simply because it has a proven track record, with growth in ownership and usage up year on year. What’s more, the likes of HTC and Samsung have produced smartphones that are based around the operating system and as a result, have developed devices that make optimum use of the OS.

Adding to the overall appeal is the fact that there are thousands of apps for this platform. These small software programs can increase the fun and functionality of any Android handset, and many of them are free too, so if you’re on a tight budget then it’s a great way of making a budget smartphone all the more potent. However, quality does vary from one app to another because there aren’t the same stringent quality control measures in place that you’d find on the Apple App Store.

Another angle

So, it’s a done deal that Android is the way to go? Well, not quite, because recently the Windows Phone operating system has been enjoying a surge in popularity. This is possibly down to the fact that they have collaborated with the previously ailing Finnish phone giant Nokia, to produce a dedicated new range of Windows smartphones. These include an excellent model such as the Nokia Lumia 800, which comes complete with a wonderfully user-friendly functionality and a powerful specification.

android vs windows phoneThanks to stiff competition, it’s also possible to get one of the new Windows Mobile devices for a competitive price too and, what’s more, there is also a growing range of apps for this platform. Not only that, there’s no doubting that the design and build quality of these devices is right up there with the best of them. While it may not be the first choice when it comes to buying your next smartphone, the Windows Mobile option is one that’s well worth investigating. omehow though, it seems hard to imagine them pulling people away from the unstoppable might of Android.

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