What is DoFollow and NoFollow - Blogging Tips

What actually does Dofollow blogging means? Well, In this post I'll clear all your doubts about Dofollow Tag and How is it useful.

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What is Dofollow?

Many Webmasters and Bloggers would have heard of DoFollow and NoFollow Blogs, Social Bookmarking, forums etc. But many don't know what it is. 

what is dofollow and nofollow
NoFollow is actually a tag which simply tells search engines not to crawl or notice a link on the page. So DoFollow is the opposite of NoFollow tags, The sites not using Nofollow tag are considered dofollow. 

In Short there is nothing as Dofollow tag. Sites with no nofollow tag are dofollow.

Benefits of DoFollow.

  • Links from DoFollow websites get noticed by search engines and it helps in boosting their Page.
  • People love to comment on DoFollow blogs or sites so that they can get backlinks and improve their site reputation.

Why some people choose NoFollow Tag.

Many people choose NoFollow tags on their website/blog because they have a fear of giving backlinks for Free to other sites which can possibly lower their site Page Rank. The other most common fear is that Google may ban your site if it has high number of links and less content, which is possible. So It is always recommended to follow certain precautions to keep your blog clean.

How to use DoFollow without getting Banned.

Yes, It is possible to get benefits from DoFollow blog without looking like a link farm and getting banned. Follow the below steps to secure your DoFollow blog.

  1. Don't Allow Comments to get published without Moderation.
  2. Don't publish comments with Blog/site links or affilate links.
  3. Don't publish comments which are meant for promotion.
  4. Don't publish SPAM
Enable Moderation of each comment made on your blog, This helps to control spam comments. Remove comments with Blog/site links.

How to Enable Comment Moderation for Blogger

Step 1: From your Blogger Dashboard, Go to Settings > Comments

how to enable comment moderation in blogger

Step 2: Select Always for Comment Moderation.

how to enable comment moderation in blogger

Step 3: Now Save your Settings

how to enable comment moderation in blogger

How to make your Blog DoFollow?

I've written quality Tutorial's on this matter, So please check it out.

So that's all for now, If you make your blog dofollow then please make sure that you moderate comments before publishing. It is sometimes difficult handling dofollow blogs because if too many links are published, You'll lose your pagerank and google might ban you. So be careful

Good Luck!

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