Some Common Google Adsense Mistakes

The Best tool for earning money webmasters have is Google Adsense, But there are some most common mistakes which bloggers and webmasters usually make. They don't realize and think that they are making the Best out of Adsense, But that's not true.

some google adsense mistakes
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Many people reading this article may be making these silly mistakes on their blogs or web pages. But Once you figure them out and fix them, You'll realize that you can earn much more with this program.

If your Blog does not have any of the mistake listed here then you are on Right path and Try to avoid them in future so you don't feel sorry afterwards.

12 Most Common Google Adsense Mistakes.

In this post I am going to list some most common mistakes which can lower CTR or put a Permanent Account Ban in some cases.

1: Putting Images Next to Ads

Putting Images next to Adsense Ad units is one of the most common mistake. Some people do this to earn more and some do it unknowingly. If google finds such thing in your site, then it will immediately ban your account. Many people make this mistake, even if they know that Putting ads next to images is against google policies.Adding Images next to Ads may look a single unit to your visitors and can generate invalid clicks.

Many webmasters put Ad units in posts and many of them start a post with images. So they don't realize that they are harming Google Terms. 

AdSense Mistakes
So To avoid such mistake always Try to start post with a few sentences and then add images. This will make your visitors distinguish between Ads and Images, like in below picture.

AdSense Mistakes

2: Not using Ad Link Units

Many People think that Ad link units don't generate clicks but that is where they make major mistakes. 728x15 Ad link unit is considered be one of the highest click generating and one of the best ad unit for getting good CTRs.

Adsense link unit

728x15 Ad link unit performs best when placed under navigation links, Because many people click it assuming it to be a part of website. So always try to add a link unit under navigation bar.

3: Asking for Clicks

Everyone want's quick money and In this flow they usually tell their friends or relatives to click the Ads. They don't know that Google is much smarter than you and can figure out the pattern of invalid clicks, This behavior can Ban your Account permanently. So Never ask your friends to click on your Ads.

Don't even tell them that you have Adsense on your blog because they may try to click lots of Ads for your profit, unknowingly that it can cause negative effect for you.

4: Too Many Ads above the fold

Above the fold means, Part of Page a visitor see when he comes to your site without scrolling. So Adding too many ads above the fold can make your site look like an Ad farm and google may lower your rankings.Even readers may get disturbed with Ad and may stop visiting. It is good to keep 2 AdSense units above the fold and one somewhere below. You can also set different positions for different web pages.

5: Clicking your own Ads

Never even think of doing this, Google is not going to pay you for your own clicks, If they catch doing lots of clicks then they'll Ban your Account and your payments will get canceled. Don't Try to be Over-smart by using different dynamic Ip's because google can still track you. Never click on your ads, no matter what reason.

6: Not using Text Only Ads

Do you know that Text Ads are much high paying than Rich media and Image ads. Many people don't Add Text only Ad units in their blog and lose money. Media ads are CPM based, Which means per 1000 impressions.

So make sure you Also add Text only Ad units in your site. This will benefit you and boost your income.

7: Ad Placement

Ad placement is really important if you want to get the best CTR. Many people put ads on wrong places and get almost no clicks. Pay Attention on Ad placement if you want to earn money, Experiment by placing Ads on different places and see what placement works best.

The Best places to put Ads for High CTR are:

  • Near Header
  • In Sidebar
  • Under the Post Title
  • At post end, Near Comments section
Try to put a 728x90 Leaderboard or 468x60 banner near header, 300x250 medium rectangle or 336x280 large rectangle under post title and a skyscraper in sidebar. These are some best placement and will increase CTR.

Examples of Google Adsense Ad units

8: Track Units 

Always keep a look on you Ads and see How they are performing, If you feel that an Ad unit is not generating clicks or not performing as you expected, then Try to change Text colors, Ad placement or Ad unit size. 

If you make any changes in placement or other things, Wait for a week or more and see its performance. Don't judge the change in 1-2 days. Link your Adsense account with Google Analytics and keep a look a other Ad units as well.

9: Way too many Advertisements

Once people start earning money through Adsense, They usually stuff their Web page with Ads. Thinking to maximize revenue they usually join lots other Publisher programs and puts too many Advertisements. This is very bad and your visitors may get annoyed by too many Ads.The higher the number of Ads, the less professional it will look to search engines.

You must know that only 3 Ad units, 3 Link units and 2 search boxes are allowed, Adding too many ads won't earn you higher, Google will only show Ads on maximum allowed units.

I recommend you to keep your blog site simple with less ads on proper places. Don't use more than 3 Ad units on single page.

10: Editing Adsense Code

Never Try to edit Google Adsense Ad unit code, Google can spot the change and suspend your Adsense account. 

It is Ok to parse adsense code for placing ad units inside the template. But never edit Ad unit code.

11: Using Wrong Colors

Colors really matters, Try to Blend Text only units as close you can in your template. If your Ad unit is perfectly mixed with template, some people may click them thinking it to be a part of website. Don't use colors which makes Ad unit stand out.

For Text only units, CTR is high when The color of background and border matches the template background. Experiment with different colors and see which works best for you.

12: Violating Google Terms

If you don't obey Google Adsense Terms and Conditions in any way, Google may ban your account. So always follow their terms and don't violate them.

If you avoid these simple mistakes, then you'll realize that you can earn more and you'll avoid getting banned. So I hope this article will help you, I tried to make it clear and to the point. Please leave your comments below, I'll try to reply them as soon as I can.
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