List of 40+ High PR Do Follow Blogs with CommentLuv

Link Building is essential for a blogs success, A Blog with High number of backlinks definitely Ranks higher in Search engines and Alexa. There are many ways to build links.

Commentluv is one of the best way to get backlinks for High Page Rank websites. Commenting on Dofollow blogs is also a good way to get backlinks. So Leave your valuable opinions on dofollow blogs and in return you'll get links. Please Don't Spam, Spam is the worst thing and i'll make your blog rank low.

Commenting on DoFollow blogs is one of the best way to build links, but you should not over do it. Only commenting on dofollow blogs makes you a suspect in googles view, So always comment on both dofollow and nofollow blogs to get the maximum benefits. Commentluv backlinks are good but same thing applies here, Don't over do it. Excess of everything is bad, so don't spam.

Do-Follow Blogs with CommentLuv

Below is the list of High PR Do-Follow blogs with CommentLuv. Leave your comments on these blogs and get link juice which will give you high page rank. Make sure you Don't SPAM.

Last Updated: 12 November 2019

PR 6
PR 5
PR 4

PR 3

PR 2

Blogs with KeywordLuv

Below is the list of High PR blogs with keywordLuv Installed. 

Note: Some of these blogs are No follow, But still it will help you improve page rank with backlinks.


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