How to Set Up Google Adsense Account

When it comes to Earning money online with Blogs or websites, The most genuine and Trusted way is Google Adsense. Google Adsense is an Ad publishing network Run by Search giant Google, It is considered the Best and Highest paying Ad publishing Network available.

Before you can enjoy Adsense services, You'll need a blog with High quality content so that Google Adsense can approve you.

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In this Tutorial I'll show you How to Setup Google Adsense account properly.

How to create a Google Adsense account?

Step 1: First Go to and Click on Sign Up Now.

Step 2: Now If you already have a Google account (Gmail account) then click on Yes, Proceed to sign in and if you don't have a google account then click on No, Create a new account.

Step 3: Once you get signed in, Google will ask you a few questions about website.

  • I will show Adson: Enter full URL of your Blog/Website (ex:
  • Content Language: Select the language of your Blog content from the drop down list. (ex for this blog - English)

Step 4: Tick 'I've read and agree Google Adsense Policies' and Continue.

By Ticking you Agree with the following Policies.
  • I will not click on my Ads nor encourage others to do so.
  • I will not place Ads on sites that include Adult content, including Pornography.
  • I will not place Ads on sites involved in distribution of Copyright materials.
  • I do not already have a Google Adsense account. (More details)
  • I will not place ads on sites that include incentives to click on ads.
If you agree the above Google Adsense policies then click on Continue. 

Step 5: Now you'll have to Submit your Application, Fill the form with correct details.

  • Country or territory :  Select your country from drop down (ex: United states)
  • Account Type :  It is really important that you choose correct Account type, because it cannot be changed afterwards. Account type can affect your Tax requirements and the forms of payment Available, depending upon the country / territory.
Choose Individual, If you own a personal blog or website and want to put Ads on it. Choose business, If you own a Business site or Sell products related to any business company.
  • Payee Name : Enter your Full name in format (First-middle-last).
Make sure that the Name you enter matches the full name on your Bank Account, otherwise your Bank won't accept it. (More details about Payees name)
  • Street Address :  Enter full Address of place where you want your check to get Delivered. Enter proper address including some landmarks, so that it reaches at proper place on time. 
  • City / towm : Name of your city. (ex: Mumbai, New York, London etc)
  • State : Enter your State. (ex: Texas, California, Maharashtra, Punjab)
  • Phone : Enter your Phone number.
Fill any other details required

Step 6: Click on Submit my Application.

Now You'll have Wait for Google Adsense Email, It take's about 48 hrs for Email to arrive at your Inbox. 

If Google Approves then you are ready to Put Ads on your Website and If Google Rejects your Application then don't Worry, Try Improving your Blog and Apply again after few days or Try other Advertising programs, I have a list of 60+ Advertising Networks.

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I got Approved by Google Adsense on my first shot and I can't explain How Awesome Google Adsense program is, But there are lots of different Ad publishing Programs which you can try. I've written a post on It, check it out.
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