How to Install SPB Shell Themes

This is the most asked Question when it comes to Symbian OS or Nokia device, At least I get these questions, So I decided to make a Detailed Tutorial about installation of theme through SPB Shell.

Lets Begin the Tutorial.


Please make sure that SPB Shell v3.7.1 is installed before Installing theme. If you don't know where to download SPB Shell then go to the below link

Download SPB Shell: Click Here

Install SPB Shell v3.7.1 on your phoneOnce You're done installing the software, Now you can learn How to install themes.

How to Install Themes

Before you can Install theme, You'll need to download theme. The method I am showing you now will work in installing any themes you want, But make sure that the theme is compatible with SPB shell otherwise it won't work.

Here are some theme with which you can begin


1)  First Download theme which you want to install.

2) Rename it from .sis to .rar

3) Now open the file using WinRar

4) Extract the Folder (the folder should be SPBShell or in case iPhone theme it will be iOS4)

5) *Important:  Now if the folder is not named SPBShell then rename it to SPBShell.

6) Now Copy that file to your phone in your microSD card > others   (E:/ Others)

7) After copying the folder, Reboot your phone.

8) After rebooting your phone, Go to Menu > Applications > Install Apps > SPB Shell  (Or wherever SPB shell is)

9) After SPB Shell loads, You're theme is installed, Now you can arrange icons and panels as per your choice.


1) If you are installing iPhone 4 theme and after installation all icons are not changed to iphone then you'll need to install an additional theme to change icons.  Click here to download Additional theme.  To Install this additional theme (icon fix theme) Just put the sis file into your microSD card and install it just like a normal app.

After installing this normal theme go to Settings > Personal > themes and select iphone4 theme, Once the theme is selected, Now open SPB Shell and enjoy.

2) Make sure that you install SPB Shell software in micro SD card, In case you install SPB shell in phone memory you'll have to put the theme folder in Phone memory > others instead of MicroSD > others.

3) If didn't get this tutorial then you can reply this post with your problem and I'll try to solve as soon as i can.

4) I also have a video tutorial on Youtube, In that video I show how to install theme. 

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