How to get Siri on Older iPhone 2G,3G,3GS,4 iPod Touch, iPad

After the release of iPhone 4S back in October, Apple Introduced an intelligent Hi-Tech Virtual Assistant called Siri. Siri is a new technology Virtual assistant for iPhone 4S, Siri helps people perform their daily task with ease. 

Siri operates on voice, It can understand natural language to answer questions, make appointments, search internet, message or call someone and much more. You'll don't have to speak pre-setted commands, Siri can understand daily used natural language and perform according to it.

For Example, Instead of saying Today's Weather, you can just ask siri direct question like Will it rain today? or Should I have to carry umbrella today?

Siri can still recognize what are you trying to say and display information. So if you ask Siri Should I have to carry umbrella today?, Siri will simply answer that will it rain or not.

More Info about Siri, Click Here, Want to watch demo of Siri, Click Here

How to Get Siri on All iDevices

Siri is a great feature but unfortunately Apple just kept it for iPhone 4s, which means people with older iDevices were not going to get siri unless they upgrade to iPhone 4s which was not a great option.

So Now all eyes were set on Jailbreak community, So that they try to bring Siri or replicate version for older devices and After 4 months, Now you can get this awesome feature on any iDevice.

Actually It is not the original Apple Siri, It is a replica or clone version and it runs on all idevices. This version is called SARA.

Well, Sara is a virtual assistant and looks similar to siri. Sara can too perform some basic things like Siri and I think, Sara is the Best Siri Alternative for jailbreaked iDevices. 

Features of SARA
Sara can perform tasks pretty well and I am really impressed with its capabilities. Sara is really good at its job. Below are listed some features of SARA.
  • Ask Questions
  • Search for song
  • Call someone from the contact list
  • Message someone
  • Find locations and directions (anywhere in world)
  • Check your Email
  • Search Videos from YouTube.
  • Search Google, Wikipedia, Internet.
  • Read Headlines (Read Newspaper via RSS)
  • Translate any thing (Support >37 languages)
  • Launch Apps from springboard
  • See Weather of Any place
  • Ask Time and Date
  • Read Barcode, QR Code
  • Find product price info or nearest stores
  • Share photos on Social Networks
  • Image to Text feature (ORC)
  • Toggle On/Off Wifi, Bluetooth, 3G etc.
  • And Much More... 

Supported Devices
Where Siri just comes with iPhone 4S, Sara offers compatibility of much more idevices. The best thing about Sara is that it also supports iPad's and iPod touch's and of course iPhone's.

  • iPhone 2G (Original First Generation)
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3Gs
  • iPhone 4
iPod Touch
  • iPod Touch First Generation
  • iPod Touch Second Generation
  • iPod Touch Third generation
  • iPod Touch 4th Generation

  • iPad
  • iPad 2

Installation Instructions

Any iDevice can get Sara's amazing features, But first you'll have to Jailbreak it. If your device is not jailbroken then Click here for Tutorial.

Step 1: Once you've jailbreaked you iDevice and Installed Cydia, Go to Cydia Store.

Step 2: In Cydia Store, Go to Manage Tab > Sources > Edit

Step 3: Now Tap on Add

Step 4: Now Add the below repo and Click on Done
Step 5: Once you've successfully added the source, You'll see a New Official SARA repo installed 

Step 6: Go to Official Sara Repo and Install Sara. 

Note: Console is only for reporting errors to creator.
Step 7: Once Sara is Installed successfully, You'll see a Sara icon on your Springboard.

Now Just Tap on It and enjoy Siri on your Old iDevice. 

Personal Review: Recently I've Installed this awesome feature on my iPhone and It worked great. It is responsive and It recognises most of your commands, almost 90% of my commands were recognised accurately. Sara gives Siri like experience and you'll sure enjoy it.

Sara helps you get information just speaking with her. If I compare it with Original SIRI then Of course Siri is a lot better than Sara But for those devices which lack Siri, Sara is the best alternative available.

Sara recognises simple english effectively and Can recognise lot of accents, Just make sure that you speak clearly and to the point, This is not Siri and it won't answer most of your questions if asked in different way. So if you want a user friendly experience then speak clearly and to the point.

For example: 'Will it Rain' command is better than asking 'Should I take umbrella with me' So you get the point ;)

Final Words: Sara is very good and I recommend it to everyone with old iDevices. My experience with Sara was good and I enjoyed it very much.

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