Display your Profile Picture in Google Search Results

Google has introduced a New feature called 'Authorship'. This feature is beneficial for Bloggers and Webmasters. Now they can Display their Picture and their Name Next to Google Search Results of your Blog articles.

You can see a preview of What it looks like in the Image below.

This can attract people to your site, which means the Traffic will increase. This will also help you claim authorship for your content in search results. One more benefit is that your visitors can know you better with your Google profile link attached to your content.

In this post I will tell you a simple way to Implement this to you own Blog.

How to Display Picture in Google Search Results.

The Process of Implementing this with your blog is a bit complicated and confusing. I've tried my best to make this Tutorial as simple as I could and I tried to explain each step as much as I can.

Things You'll need before starting this Tutorial.

If you don't have an About page yet, then create one before continuing this tutorial. This is important and Also create a Google profile if you don't have.

Step 1: Edit your About page and Add the below link anywhere inside your About page.
<a href="https://plus.google.com/Google+ ID Here" rel="me" target="_blank">My Google Profile</a>
Now Replace Google+ ID Here with your Google Profile ID. To Get you Google profile ID go to your Google+ Profile and copy your Id from the Address bar. (see image below)

Step 2: Now you'll have to put the below code in all your articles, So you can claim your Authorship to google.

You can also add the below code in sidebar or in footer, If your blog has high number of posts.
<a href="https://plus.google.com/Google+ ID Here"rel="me" target="_blank">Join Me on Google+</a>

Again Replace Google+ ID Here with your Google Profile ID and Put this code anywhere in All your Posts or in your Sidebar.

Step 3: Now Sign In your Google Profiles Account and Click on Edit Profile button.

Click on Other Profiles > Add custom link, Now Add your About page and Save It.

After Linking your About page to your Google profile. It will look like the image in right.

Almost Done, Now you'll have to wait for Next Google Crawl.

Now go to Rich snippet tool, Add your blog URL and click on preview. If it says Verified Authorship then It means everything is right 

Now Once Google crawls your site, All pages with the code will start showing your Google profile Image next to your articles in Google search results.

Note: It takes more than 48 to 72 hours for your Profile picture to appear.

Things to Remember

  • Make sure that you Add the 1st Code in your About page and second code in All your articles or in sidebar.
  • Upload a good quality picture in your Google profile, at least 70x70 size.
  • Make sure that you Link your Blog About page in Google profile.

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