How to Automatically Publish Blog Posts on Twitter

Publishing your Blog post on your Twitter account is a great way to get traffic and exposure to your blog. People use social networking sites more than reading blogs, So if you show your followers What you have for them, It will sure increase the number of readers on your blog. 
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Another Benefit of this is that Blog readers with twitter accounts following you will receive updates and they'll never miss any article which interests them. Since Publishing is Automatic, You'll don't have to waste time sharing articles.

There are a few ways to Publish blog posts on Twitter automatically, In this post I'll show you how to do it.


Feedburner is the most popular RSS Feed service among blogosphere. It is the most used service by bloggers and webmasters. If you use Feedburner for your blog then follow the below steps 

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Step 1: Go to your Feedburner dashboard

Step 2: Click on Publicize tab

Step 3: In services bar, Click on Socialize

Step 4: Now click on Add a twitter account

Step 5: Using your twitter account details, Authorize App

Step 6: Now click on Activate Service button.


Twitter feed is another popular way to publish blog post automatically. Twitterfeed also gives option to post blog post on facebook wall automatically.
Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Sign up for a free account, Confirm email address.

Step 3: Choose from Twitter or Facebook (Twitter)

Step 4: Link your twitter account, so that twitterfeed can send feeds.

Step 5: Now Type your Name of your Feed.

Step 6: Click on Update Feed

You can use Advance setting options to customize settings like update frequency, URL shortener service etc.

These are the Best services which can help posting blog post to twitter automatically. Start promoting your posts now.
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