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Everyone is exited as Nokia launched its new series of Windows 7 smartphones, The new interface has stunning fresh looks and cool features. We can't port new features in older devices, we can't port 8 megapixel camera But We can change its look.
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Today I'll show you How to get Windows phone 7 user interface on older S60V5 and Symbian^3 devices. This is not an SPB Shell theme, Its a small emulator which changes the look of your device without making your device laggy and slow.

The emulator works good and make your device as new, It doesn't slow your device nor make it lag and it takes very small space (almost about 1-2MB).

The emulator changes some sub-menus as well. Here is a screenshot of Gallery menu in Nokia 5233.

Supported devices: 

5230, 5233, 5800, 5235, N8, C7, X6, X7 and all other S60V5, Symbian^3 phones.

Size: 1.16 MB 

Installation Instructions:

  • Extract the Zip file
  • Move Windows phone 7.sisx file to your device.
  • In device, using file manager go to the location and Install.
  • Now go to applications and tap on Windows 7 emulator.
I hope you'll like this theme, enjoy Windows phone 7 mango OS on symbian device.

Here is a video preview of this theme on my Nokia 5230.

If any problem, Leave a comment.

Credit: This App is created by Nando Sang Putra


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