How to Make Email with BigRock domain

Recently I posted a Tutorial on Howto get a Blogger custom domain from BigRock on my Digi Blogger Blog, And today I'll teach you How to make Free Email's which we get from BigRock when we buy domain.

This is actually a simple task, If you know how to do it But it may seem difficult at first.

Before reading this post, you'll need a BigRock domain already purchased from the, If you don't know How to buy it or How to configure it with Blogger to use it as a custom domain then Click here

Step 1: Go to and log in to your BigRock account.

Step 2: Click on 'Domains' Tab and then click on 'List all orders'

Step3: Now click on the domain name you want emails for.

Step 4: Now on right side click on Email tab

Step 5: In Email Tab, Click on Manage Email

Now It will take you to Email dashboard, Click on Manage tab and then click on any of the option.
  • Add user: This option will help you set up email But to check inbox, you'll need to login in to your BigRock account.
  • Add Bulk user: If you want to add more than one users
  • Add Forward only/ Account: This option will help you to set up an account and the email sent to that email id will be forwarded to your current email id.
I recommend you to use third option 'Add forward only/Account' because then you'll don't need to check emails on different accounts, All emails will be forwarded to your current account.
example: Suppose my current email is and i've created an email, Now if i choose third option, All emails sent to will automatically get forwarded to my old email So i don't need to switch accounts again and again to check my email, All emails will come to my old account.
Only For First option choosers:

But if you want to choose first option, then just click on 'Add user' from manage tab and fill up the required information and submit. After submitting BigRock will provide you a randomly generated Password, Just login to your bigrock email account with that password (you can change password, once you login)

Only For Second option choosers:

Just click second option from the manage tab and follow the steps BigRock give you.

Only For Third option choosers:

If you chose to create a forward account then just follow the Tutorial, because In this tutorial i'll use third option for teaching.

[Sometimes you may notice that BigRock asks you to verify ownership, It it does then click here]

Step 6: Now click on 'Add forward only/account' from manage tab.

Step 7: Now enter the email you want in the given box (eg: your name, inquiry, info) and in the box below add your current email address.

Step 8: Now Click on Add Account.

Now you've successfully created an email with BigRock. Please leave your valuable comments.

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