How to Get Google Adsense Approval Fast

Google Adsense is the most popular and probably the Best way to earn money online with blogging. But If you think that it is easy, then you might be wrong. Google Adsense can only be used If Google Approves you and Believe me getting approved by Google is one of the toughest thing for some people.

Here are some tips which can prove life saver and help your Adsense account get Approval.

1: Get Content First

Don't make a mistake of applying for Adsense without having enough articles. Google will never approve a blog with few posts. So before applying make sure you have about 50 quality articles.

2: Appearance

Blogs appearance is an important factor, this also help in attracting people and Yes Google also get attracted to such sites. If a site is easy to navigate then crawlers are sure gonna love it and also your visitors will love it. So work hard on Blogs Appearance, Professional looking blog has higher chances to get Approved.

3: An Old Domain

Applying Adsense on Blogs at least 6 month helps, This assures Google that the blog is genuine and not a spammer. 80% Blogs older than 6 months get approved. But if your site receives high amount of traffic, then you can try applying. (with high traffic i mean about 200,000 unique views per month)

4: No Adult Content

If your blog has Adult content, then there is no chance for you to get Approved by Google. So If your blog has content not suitable for some audience or if your blog has Outbound backlink's leading to Adult site's then again it won't get approved since google's crawlers visit the links in blogs and can recognize the content.

5: Unique Content

If your blog is unique then there are more chances for you to get approved by google. Google loves blogs with unique content, So I recommend you to focus on Content before applying.

6: Top Level Domain

An example of Top Level domain is This type of domains are treated as professional in google's view and receive special attention. It does not mean that domains like don't get approved But Top level domains has higher chances to get approved since
google thinks it as a professional website. 

7: No Fake Information

Never use fake personal information for applying for Google Adsense. If you want to receive google checks then It is really important that you provide genuine Information like your Name, Address, Tel no. etc. Let Google verify you and never use nicknames since you'll receive checks with that name and if your name did not match as on bank account, then you'll have to face problems in future. So be genuine.

If google finds that you are providing fake information then considering you as spammer, Google will reject your adsense request and may ban your account forever.

8: Traffic

Traffic is important, Advertisers want people to visit their webpage or website and If your blog has no traffic then it's sure that Advertisers will not be interested and Google won't accept your request. So before applying to Adsense, work on these aspects and build some traffic. For Adsense approval, A blog should generate at least 50 unique visits per day.

9: Don't apply again and again

If your blog gets rejected by Google Adsense then don't keep on applying again and again. Instead work on your blog and improve it. Applying again and again will may result in Temporary or Permanent ban since it treated as spam by google filters.

10: Follow Google Terms and Conditions

If your Blog fails to follow Google Terms and Conditions in any way then It's sure that you won't get approved for adsense. So following Google Terms is very important. Click here to see Terms and Conditions.

Avoid the mistakes and follow the above tips to ensure that you get Approval from Google. Hope this helps. If this post helped then please take a few seconds to share it. 

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