How to get Google Adsense Ad Code

With Adsense Ad code you can place Adsense Ads almost anywhere in your Blog Template. You can put two adsense ads side by side together or you can put adsense ads under post title etc. To get Adsense Ad code, First you must have an approved Adsense account.

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How to Get Adsense Ad unit Code. 

Here are the steps with screenshots to generate Adsense ad unit code. Please don't forget to leave your comment below and share this post.

Step 1: Log in to your Google Adsense Account.

Step 2: Now in your Adsense account Dashboard, Click on My Ads tab.

Step 3: Now Click on New Ad unit.

Step 4: Now Fill the required Information
  • Name: You can enter any name like 'My Ad', 'My custom unit' etc.
  • Ad Size: This depends upon the place you are placing Ads (eg: 728x90 for Ads below Header)
  • Ad Type: If you want Text only ads or Images only ads or both.
  • Backup Ads: The Ads you prefer to show when google does not have targeted ads. You can choose blank space or a Solid color (Learn more) 

    • Ad Style: You can choose Ad appearance to blend more with your template. You can also choose custom colors for Ad units.

    Step 5: Once Everything is Done, Click on Save and Get Code. 

    Now Google will give you an Ad code, You can paste this code on any webpage that complies with Adsense policies.


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