How to Build Strong Relationships with Other Bloggers

build strong relationships with other bloggersBuilding relationships with Bloggers related to your nichie is a good way to get in peoples sight. This can improve your Rankings and Drive traffic to your site. Long relationships can benefit you in search engines and People will know you better.

Below are few tips to Build Relationships with Bloggers related to your Blog.

5 Tips for Building Strong Relationships with Other Bloggers

1: Visiting their Blog

If you want people to visit your blog then you'll also have to visit other blogs. Search some blogs related to your nichie, Visit them regularly and observe their posts. This will help you know readers opinions and what they want. Observe posts and way of writing. Learn from them and apply it to your blog. This won't help you build relationship but its a very good way to improve yourself.

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2: Commenting on their Blogs

This is the best way to get in sight of readers, Comment on Blogs related to your nichie. Give your valuable opinions and answer the questions of other readers if Author haven't. This act will attract visitors to your blog. This will also help you get in sight on Author. Be Active, Keep commenting after every few days. Ask questions etc.

Tips: Comment with confidence, Raise your Ideas, Stay ahead and Try to simplify tutorial posts if you have knowledge about that particular topic.

Avoid: Never comment stuff like 'I agree' or Useless things.

3: Guest Posting

If the blog allows Guest posting then do write a few articles, This will help you build good relationships and You'll also get backlinks, which will help you to earn reputation and loyal readers at same time.

Tips: Frequently post guest articles on blogs with higher traffic, readers and High Page Rank. Avoid posting articles on blogs with less or no traffic.

Note: You can Guest Post on this blog.

4: Don't Hesitate

Most people hesitate to email, tweet or Message a blogger. This is a bad habit and don't do this. Bloggers love to see messages, email and valuable opinions of others, This helps them improve. So if you want to ask something, getting help then don't be shy and leave a message. Breaking the barrier will benefit you and It'll start a new relationship.

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5: Interview Bloggers

This is a Bonus tip and one of the Best way to build  relationships. You can request a Blogger for an Online Interview, If he agrees to do that then just email him some questions you would like to ask him, Try asking questions related to blogging and avoid asking useless things. Keep it short (10-15 questions) and Interesting.

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After receiving answers Publish the Interview on your blog and let people see it. This way you'll get to know that blogger and it will also help you learn from his experiences and that will be a start of Relationship.

If you follow these tips carefully then you'll sure going to make good relationships and the results are going to be awesome.


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