6 Amazing Google Search Engine Tricks

Everybody know that Google is the Best Search engine on Internet, Google helps you find websites, pages and other Information, But every one does not know that Google can also entertain...
google doodle

The following the 6 Amazing Google Tricks which you definitely gonna love. You can now have Fun with google.

1: Google Gravity

This one is a cool trick and my favourite.
  • Now Enter 'Google Gravity' (without ' ')
  • Click on I'm feeling Lucky Button
Now you can move anything, Google logo, search box etc. You can still search the Web.

google gravity

2: Barrel Roll

Another cool trick
  • Now Enter 'Do a barrel roll' (without ' ')
  • Click on Search Button
As you enter this and click on search, you'll see google do a 360 degree barrel roll.

google barrel roll

3: Askew
  • Now Enter 'Askew' (without ' ')
  • Click on Search Button
You'll notice that the Google page Tilts

google askew

4: Pacman

Another cool trick
As the the page loads, you'll notice that Google doodle is replaced by a Pacman game, And the game works...You can play your favorite classic on Google

google pacman

5: Flight Simulator

For all those aeroplane lovers, this trick suits you best. This is not a Google search engine Trick, For this trick you'll need to download Google Earth. Many of you will think that Why I didn't put this awesome trick on First position? Because it isn't a google search trick.
  • Now Click on Tools > Enter Flight Simulator
  • Or you can simple Press Ctrl+Alt+A

Now you'll find your self in a Cockpit of an Airplane, You can really control that aircraft and fly on your favorite destinations. How about flying over Hawaii or Australia or the Area 51...

google earth flight sim

You can actually select the aircraft of your choice.

google earth flight simulator

google earth flight simulator

6: Mentleplex

mentleplex google

Hope you guys like this post. Please leave your comments below and let us know what do you think about this.

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