Facebook v4.0.3 for iPhone - Review

In today's world, Social networking has become a part of our life. Nowadays People update their status every minute, They chat, upload pictures and videos and comment on their friends profiles. This have become a part of everyone's daily routine and iPhone scores great in Social networking category.

Today I am going to talk about Facebook. Facebook is not a new name in world of Social networking, It is the most visited Social networking website. If you are an iPhone user then this is sure to be in your Springboard, its a must have app for iPhone users.

This Review is about Facebook v4.0.3 for iPhone.
Note: Older release of Facebook (v4.0.2) was very slow, buggy and laggy on older devices. But As Compared to Older release (v4.0.2), Facebook v4.0.3 has improved a lot. It's fast and there's no lag, It Perfect on for devices like iPhone 2G / 3G.

The New user interface looks cool and easy to use, But as compared to Older version (v3.5) it is a bit complicated and may take time for some users to learn operating it.

Upload Photos

Uploading a picture is easy and neat, You can tag friends, make new albums, comment and like on pictures.

Notifications, The way it should be.

Get Instant notifications if anything get posted on your wall, or someone shares photos or videos with you.

Update Status with one Tap.

Update status and share it with your friends in No time. Make social networking easy with this app.

Live News feed

Live feed, Get updates immediately on your device about what your friends are doing. Take photos and upload them to your wall within seconds.

Chat with your Friends.

Chat with your friends on the go with an easy chat interface, You'll sure get addictive to it.

Overall its a great app, But it is still somewhat slow, so i hope facebook will this in future update. For now its still a good app.

Download it For Free at App store.


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