Billie Joe Guitar Blue Stickers 2011 Version

Here are the Stickers from Billie Joe's Blue, As seen at 'Not so silent night' on December 9, 2011.

If you have any more stickers then you can email me at and I will post it here with senders name.

For Reference.

Here are the Stickers.

  • Awesome in Disguise (Version 1)

  • Awesome in Disguise (Version 2)

  • Skeleton Man with N.L L.T Initials

  • Darius Clouds (Thunderbolt)

Credit: Thomas Carter

  • Darius Clouds (Somewhat similar to BJ)

  • Awesome in Disguise (Version 3)

Credit: Emil Bendek and Tim Nijman

  • Russell Surfboards

  • 8 Ball Logo

  • Cycle Zombies

  • The Frustrators Logo

  • Bengals Helmet Logo

  • Black & White Eyes Logo

  • Faces Stickers (Between Pickups)

Darius Clouds Thunder Bolt Sticker (Real version) Coming Soon

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