Billie Joe Armstrong - 'Frankenstein' Stickers

Here are some stickers from Billie Joe's Fender Stratocaster guitar which he calls 'Frankenstein' because he Customized his guitar with several different parts from a Fender shop.

Reference Picture

I am still working on some sticker and I'll upload them here as I finish my work.

  • Pansy Division

  • FANG Logo

  • Tilt Band Logo
  • Criminals logo

  • One Man Army Logo 

  • RIOT Logo

  • The Crumbs Logo

  • Geek Girl

  • D Generation logo

  • Hi-Fives

  • Pansy Division
Credit: Hammie Stein

  • Drink Coffee and Destroy

More Stickers from Frankenstein Coming soon.

If you have any better version sticker of Frankenstein then you can send me at and I'll post it here with your Name.

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