How to Fix Push Notifications on Jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch.

Hi guys, One thing which is most common in Jailbroken and unlocked iDevice is Push Notifications and Youtube Not working. If you have whited00r custom firmware installed then you'll not face problem with youtube but Push notifications will still not work. How to Fix it???

Everybody i eager to know this, There are Two known ways or cydia tweaks which can fix this and they are,

Push Fix
Push Doctor

Push Fix version 1.0 is Free but its beta and not tested and i've tried installing this a thousand times but this does nothing, it fixes youtube but push notifications still don't work. Push Fix still works for some people but it never worked for me so I'll not recommend this. Push Fix version 2.0 is the Best option available but it is Not free, you'll have to pay to use this and it works. If you don't have problem paying then this is best option. But If you are here looking for a free solution then you are lucky, Yes there is a way to Fix push notifications for FREE.

So The Free Way is - PUSH Doctor

The Best option available after Push fix 2.0 is push doctor. So I'll Teach you How to fix push notifications for Free. Here we go

Steps to Fix Push Notifications

I Recommend you to do a clean installation, So First Restore your device and Don't install any app which uses Push Notifications. You can also follow these steps without Restore so Remove all apps which uses Push Notifications.

1) I am saying this again, Remove all apps which uses Push Notifications.

2) Open Cydia / Manage / Edit and ADD this repo   (This will Install NERV Repo in Cydia.)

3) Search Push Doctor and Install It.  (If you get errors in installation like...
“Subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1″
“sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error coda (1)”
This means server is simply empty of any available unique push certificates, so wait for some time and reinstall.

4) If you've Successfully Installed Push Doctor without any Error Then REBOOT your iPhone immediately. As soon as the installation completes Reboot immediately without doing any tests etc otherwise it'll won't work.

5) After Reboot Check Youtube First, If its working then you can be a little Happy, After checking Youtube Connect your iPhone / iPod touch to iTunes and install iPusher app (its Free) link:

6) After Installing iPusher, Open iPusher and Test whether Push Notifications are working or Not. If Yes then Jump and Shout Yahoo!!! and now you can install all your favourite apps like Faceook, twitter, whatsapp etc...... If Push Notifications are not working then Reinstall Push doctor and check.


1) Make Sure you Install Push Doctor from the NERV Repo only, Push doctor from other Repo's doesn't work.

2) REBOOT after Installation, This is Very Important otherwise it will not work.

3) Check that there are Unique Certificates Available before installation, if they are not available then No need to install because you'll always get errors.

To Check Unique Certs Go to this Website and Check counter in Left side. if its greater than zero then you can install.

Check this video.

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