Symbian^3 Theme for SPB SHell (N8)

SPB Shell changed the way we used our smartphones, Now we can enjoy user interfaces of other smart phones and enjoy New OS experience. SPB Shell can be customized fully as per your choice and it makes the experience easy. 

In this post I am sharing a new Skin for SPB Shell, which will make your User Interface similar to Symbian^3 OS as on Nokia N8. This is an awesome theme and Bringing a fresh new experience. 

Before you download this theme, First you'll need to Install SPB mobile Shell software in your Symbian device. You can download SPB Shell for free from then below links.

Below is the download link and Instructions to Install. I tried to make them as simple as possible, so I hope you don't face any problem. If you want help, then don't hesitate to ask for. You can Comment or Contact me on my email or contact form. (given in Contact page) 

So here are the Steps, Make sure you follow it carefully or else it won't work.

Installation Instructions

Before following the below instructions, make sure that you've installed SPB Shell. Download SPB Shell from the above links.

Step 1: Extract the Downloaded theme using WinRar.

Step 2: Now Copy the 'SPBShell' folder on E:/Others in your Device

Step 3: Copy Restore folder anywhere in your device

Step 4: Restart your device
Step 5: After Restarting, Open SPB Shell. In SPB Shell, Go to SPB Menu > Settings. In Settings, Tap on Bottom-right button > Restore Settings
Step 6: Now Browse to the Restore folder and select the file and Restore settings.

Step 7: Now let SPB Shell Restore settings and After Loading, You'll see Nokia N8 like menu on your device.

Arrange icons as per your requirement and Enjoy...

If you are having any problems Installing this theme then just leave a comment below and I'll reply asap.
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