How to improve Nokia 5230's Camera Output Quality

Guys, Today I am gonna show you all How to improve Camera output quality (Camera image). Before Showing you how to, I wanna mention one thing, If you all are expecting Results like N8 or any other phone then Sorry guys, This Post is not for you.

nokia 5230 camera

I am just going to tell you some settings which can bring improvement in images, You can also experiment with settings for good results. This will work for any Nokia phone which has these settings, you can also use these settings to other phones (samsung, lg, Htc, nokia etc...) But I m showing for 5230.

Nokia 5230 phone is equipped with 2 Megapixel Camera, so you can't expect results like N8 (12 Megapixel) or any other phone. A 2 MP is a Basic Camera phone Resolution (1600 x 1200).


Do the following settings on your phone.

1) Contrast-                  Increase a bit.
2) Sharpness-                     Hard
3) Exposure-                        +1
4) Color Tone-                  Vivid
5) Iso (Light Sensitivity)-     Medium
6) White Balance-            Automatic
7) Scene Modes-             Portrait

Some photos taken with this settings.  (Click Images to make them large)

These Photos have not been Edited, These are Original Output I got using these settings

nokia 5230 camera

nokia 5230 camera

Indoor Photo

nokia 5230 camera

These are Far Better than Original Settings. Below is a photo taken with original settings, see the difference in colors and other things.

nokia 5230 camera

I hope this post helped, please Comment Here if you want more settings for indoor or outdoor photography etc. Thanks

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