Basic Guitar Chords

Basic guitar chords chart for beginners. 

Three years ago when I started playing guitar, I didn't even knew a thing about guitar. I never took guitar classes, Internet was my only teacher. Now After three years I can say proudly that I can play guitar.

My only mission behind writhing this post is that people who begin learning guitar does not have good resources available. So with this post I'll try to post all good and free resources which can help any individual learn playing guitar.

Basic guitar chords chart
Can you see the above image, It is a basic guitar chord chart including all basic chords. I recommend you to print it out and practice chords first. Try learning 3 chords at a time.

Here is a pattern for learning Guitar

Start with chords A - E - A min  the reason I am saying to start with this combo is because E and A min are almost similar and improves chords faster.

Once you master the above three chords, Switch to this chord combo
D - D min - E min 

And after that Try the Hardest chords G - C

Once you master the above chords, Go for barre or bar chords.

Here are some Great places which will help you guys improve your guitar skills. The first link down is one of the most visited post on my website, Here I've posted some Easy and cool guitar tabs and chords to begin with, The second link is a Blog with useful information about guitar.

Happy Playing

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