Tips to choose a Safe Password

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What is Password?

A password is a Secret code or Access code just like a key, which helps the server to Identify the user and gain access to his/her resources. The resources can be anything your Private messages, Emails, photos etc. which you don't want anyone to see.

Why should we keep Password secret?

tips to choose a safe passwordAs I said above, A password protects your resources and doesn't allow others to access it. So It is important to keep our password secret to keep our files and messages safe. If password is not secret then anyone can gain access to your files and email and can hack or use it against you. A Secret Password helps you protect your online privacy.

Many people in my neighborhood and in friends circle say now and then that their account is hacked and someone is posting vulgar messages or pictures. This behavior spoils the image of person who is not actually doing it.

My Intention in writing this post is to help you create a Safe password, so you'll have to face the above mentioned situations. In this post I'll give you tips on How to create a safe password.

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How to Create a Safe Password

First thing you should remember before choosing a password is, Never choose passwords which are guessable like Name, Telephone number, sibling name, parents name etc. and Your password should be at least 8 characters long.

Make use of Both Upper and Lower case letters, Punctuation marks, Symbols like $, £, @, # etc. Use Numbers, Include phonetic replacements like 'Luv' instead of 'Love', 'Laf' instead or 'laugh', 'Luv 2 laf' instead of 'Love to laugh', 'fone' for 'phone' etc.

Make use of similar substitutions like for number zero 0, use O and for S you can use dollar sign $, for L you can use pound sign £ or for a you can use @.
A Password should be at least 8 Characters long to make it strong and secure.

Mix these letters and create a unique acronym. Make password rememberable and Unguessable. 

Things to avoid when creating password:

As I mentioned above, What to do when creating passwords and Now I'll tell What NOT to do. There are things which should be avoided when choosing password. They are as follow

Don't choose words mentioned in Dictionary, Never use passwords which include Names, birth dates, telephone numbers, Name of city/country etc.

Sequential numbers, Keyboard patterns like (1234) or (QWERTY) should be avoided as it can be guessed easily. Don't use passwords with repeating characters like (lloovvee)

Tips for keeping Password Secure forever:

  1. Never tell your password to your friends, relatives, siblings, parents, room mates, Parrots etc.
  2. Never write your password on books or at other places.
  3. Never send your password by email to anyone
  4. Keep changing your Password Periodically (once in 6 months)  

Tips for creating a secure password:

  1. Use Mixture of both Upper case and Lower case
  2. Use Symbols and numbers
  3. Use Punctuation marks
  4. Use similar substitutions like O for zero 0
  5. Use phonetic replacements like Luv for love

What to Avoid:

  1. Dictionary Words
  2. Use of Name, Birthdate etc.
  3. Sequential Numbers are keyboard patterns (123)
  4. Repeating characters (112233AA)
  5. Short length passwords below 6 characters.

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