What is Tumblr - A Profitable Marketing Resource

What is Tumblr - A Profitable Marketing Resource

What is Tumblr?

what is tumblr
Tumblr is one of the most underused blogging platforms. It permits users to reblog posts of other users. A Tumblr account is very easy to create, visually attractive, and allows you to advertise your business in a platform where millions of users search for visual ideas. The question is ‘how do small companies use Tumblr as an advertising tool?’ Can you force the platform’s community to assist you in marketing your products?


Like any other social networking platform, Tumblr relies on demographics. In accordance with the stats, Tumblr is getting approximately 18 million users per month, and it is tilted toward female visitors, to some extent. However, the key to Tumblr is unfussiness. Tumblr is not about lengthy blog posts or content that is loaded with information. It’s for visual ideas and for user desire. Users repost anything they like, including quotes, videos, charts, photos, etc.

It is Good for Advertisement

Tumblr has discovered favor with university students and fashion companies. So, if you’re in the fashion industry, you can use Tumblr to advertise your business. Suppose, you have a shopping website, and you want to promote it through Tumblr. You can do it by creating a Tumblr website, and also working together with Tumblr users who have large followings.

You can also associate with other Tumblr bloggers and, as they start writing about your website, the signups will start coming. Try to post your product pictures on Tumblr as much as you can, but remember one thing: pictures should be eye-catching. People will repost your product pictures if they are stylish.

You should target only those Tumblr users who have thousands of followers. If you do that, your product will be viewed by many people, who might buy your product. Tumblr is just like other social networking websites. Tumblr wants you to make associations with other Tumblr users. You can do it by tagging your posts, so, they will appear in search results, reblogging pertinent content, and following other Tumblr users. You can use Tumblr together with Facebook and Twitter. I am a big addict of Tumblr, because of its visual ideas.

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Enhance Your Business Network

Even though your business is not product or picture-based, Tumblr allows you to share pictures that speak about your demographic. I have been using Tumblr for many years, and I am getting a lot of traffic on my website because of it. Many people like Tumblr, because it is aesthetic and is simple to create a post that looks wonderful.

The secret to Tumblr success is not different from any other social media platform. Post, advertise and take part in the community. Tumblr is an exclusive platform, because it gives best features of blogging along with visual ideas.

I think Tumblr is best for all types of businesses. However, it is more suitable for those companies that create a large amount of visual content. Business owners should try it to promote their products here and see the fruitful results. Tumblr is a magnificent resource to market your products and services to thousands of people. I truly believe that it can assist you in creating your brand’s identity as well as help you get a lot of traffic.

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  2. Tumblr is advantageous for every type of business, but not many people know its value.



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