iPhone 4 UI - SPB Shell Skin (Nokia Symbian)

This is an SPB Shell Skin, So you'll have to Install SPB Shell First. You can Get SPB Shell for Free from this site Click Here to Download. SPB Shell is a Launcher which changes the User Interface for your device as required. 

Also See: Best SPB Shell Wallpapers 

There are many different SPB Shell skins available, Many are available on this site so check out the Nokia section near Header for more Skins. This post is about iPhone 4 style user interface for Nokia, So Read the Instructions carefully and Download the theme from the link below.

For a detailed installation Tutorial Click Here.

If After installation you find out that all icons are not changed to iPhone icons then install this additional theme.

To Download additional theme click here.

To Install this additional theme (icon fix theme) Just put the sis file into your microSD card and install it just like a normal app.

After installing this normal theme go to Settings > Personal > themes and select iphone4 theme, Once the theme is selected, Now open SPB Shell and enjoy.

Installation Instructions.

Step 1: Extract the Downloaded theme using WinRar.

Step 2: Now Copy the 'SPBShell' folder on E:/Others in your Device

Step 3: Now Restart your Device

Step 4: Now Install the Additional Theme from the above link.

Step 5: Now Go to Phone Settings > Personal > Themes > General and Set the newly installed theme.

Step 6: Again Restart your device. After Restart Go to SPB Shell and arrange icons on your home screen.

Enjoy the new iPhone 4 look on your Nokia device. For more Real looks Try using the Wallpaper given below.

Screenshots of theme on Nokia 5230.

spb shell iphone spb shell iphone
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  1. E pra remover?

  2. I need the two keys please


  3. I need the two keys please


  4. Where is the folder SPBShell???

  5. Where is the SPB SHELL folder?/ It doesn't work??

  6. It is in Others folder, if u hav installed spb shell in phone memory then c:/others if in memory card then e:/others. if there is no spbshell folder then create one with name 'SPBShell' in others folder and then put the contents of this file

  7. i put the SPBShell folder in others and put the iso4 folder in spbshell and nothings happening please help me first time doing this

  8. I, my spbshell is good but I pasted the IOS4 folder to Others Folder and the theme do not appears...

  9. Dont put ios4 folder in spbshell folder, just put contents of ios4 folder in spbshell folder and then reboot ur phone.

  10. whats your youtube channel man ? i lost the url can u pls post it ? thanks for the help i love this blog cheers for everything..

  11. Sir, i m currently using SPB mobile shell 3.7. But this iphone UI is nt getting installed in my nokia 5233. Plz do help me. I m really mad about this Shell. Plz plz Plz Plz don't neglet me. I'll really thank ful to u.

  12. @Deepak Kumar,

    I'll post a tutorial soon on my youtube channel.

  13. hi mate.u posted a wonderful work.lovedit.i was confused of pasting the folder.there is no SPBShell folder in ur download package,there are 2 types iOS4 folders.one is "iOS4" folder and te second one is "iOS 4" folder....this folderr is having space between the 4 and iOS,so cud u pls tell me which iOS4 folder shud i paste in my SPBShell folder.

  14. there is a folder ios4 it has some contents in it.

    rename it from ios4 to SPBShell

    put it in Others/

    Reboot phone


  15. Ok so what i did was this:
    Installed SPBShell
    It didnt appeared any SPBShell folder in my phone memory (Others folder)So i did one
    Ok i copied all the contents from the ios4 folder to my SPBShell folder located in others and rebooted my phone.
    I guess the theme is defected or something because it didnt worked...i even tried to restore settings to the set from the iphone theme but nothing happend...

  16. Create a Folder in Others in ur memory card and name it SPBShell

    Now copy contents of ios4 folder and put it in this folder (SPBShell)

    Now reboot your phone.

    I have a video tutorial check it for help http://adf.ly/4Gr3a

  17. you must have alot of patience to answer all these guys :p loved your work mate.. anyways, i didn't (yet) installed the theme, i just wanted to know, if i install it, can i reverse it later if i want to to the original Full Shell 3.7 version i got from you? and as i read about keys.. if i install it without the keys, what is gonna be missing/not working? best regards from Greece ;-) btw tried to download it from 5 locations of your list and i always get that it's corrupted and cannot be extracted. if it's possible for you.. korbenlopbox [at] gmail [dot] com thnx in advance

  18. You can reverse it anytime, just delete the SPBShell folder in E:/others. If you'll install it without keys then the SPB shell will expire after 30 days, by registering with key, you'll switch to full version. sorry if the corrupted, i'll fix the link as soon as possible.

  19. please a new link cuz megaupload has been deleted . So please put it in mediafire.com

  20. Hi, I click the "Download theme", but nothing can be download.... Please help to check! Thanks a lot :)

  21. I've fixed the links

  22.  Fixed the links with New upload

  23. I'm MR.Anonymous. the weather app is NOT working! I can't change the city!

  24. the theme doesn't apply.
    I have followed all the instructions step by step
    plz hlp.

  25. install the additional theme to get the icons

  26. only for 3.7 and 3.8 versions

  27. not working in nokia 500