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Apps That Might Pose a Threat to Your Security

Smartphones have completely changed the way we interact with technology and go about our lives. Never has so much information been so readily accessible at our fingertips, and part of this is down to the existence of apps.

apps threatening security

Apps are essentially 'lite' pieces of software that can be downloaded in a couple of minutes to perform a specific function on a phone or tablet. Because they're so quick and easy to find and install and because there's such a wide variety of apps out there, it's almost always possible to find the perfect app for whatever you want to do and have it on your device in a matter of moments.

At the same time, unlike computer software, apps don't tend to go wrong, to run slowly or to come packed with viruses. It's all just there with minimum hassle.

Or at least that's the idea anyway. Unfortunately you see, smartphones have become more complex and more high-tech and apps have followed suit. As such, some apps now do take a bit longer to install. Some do crash. And some do come with security threats. It's that last category that you need to worry about - and especially if you're giving your phone all of your private data. Read on to discover which apps might pose a threat.

1. Cheap Looking Apps

If you notice any apps that look 'dodgy' on the Play Store - and perhaps have poor quality images next to them and bad customer reviews - then you should do some more research before downloading. Often these apps come with some nasty surprises, such as spyware. Best case scenario is that they come with those annoying Push Notifications that offer you Viagra in your notification tray… Annoying…

2. Banking Apps

Banking apps are of course not a threat in themselves, in fact they tend to be made in-house by banks and are as such generally reputable. The problem though is that banking apps give your phone access to your bank accounts, which is a problem if you end up with a piece of spyware on your phone. This is why it's important to also install security software on your phone if you're going to using these kinds of features, and why you shouldn't run a banking app on a routed phone…

3. NFC Payment Apps

NFC stands for Near-Field-Communication and is basically like Bluetooth that works by simply touching your device onto another. This is what allows your phone to be used like a debit card and swiped at the till. All fine and well and very handy, but not if people abuse that feature and start swiping your phone in your pocket. Be smart and make sure you remember to exit the app and keep your phone safely in a bag where it can't be easily reached. That's good advice anyway.

4. Apps that ask for Too Many Permissions

When you install a new app, take a look at the 'permissions' it asks for. These tell you what features of your phone it wants to use, which can include things like 'GPS' and 'SMS'. This is fine if the app is supposed to tell you where you're texting from, but if it's a wallpaper pack then you need to ask why it needs those functions - it could be giving information away about you or even charging you money by texting premium numbers.

Make like your phones people and be smart!
This Article is written by Jason Haddad, a tester at He is a tech enthusiast and enjoys reading tech magazines in his spare time. He often shares his views and opinions on apps that can be a threat to phone's security.

Must-Follow SEO Techniques For Every Blogger

Bloggers can't live without SEO today. It's not enough just to write and post some stories online to be a successful blogger because there are millions of websites on the same niche online, and you should do something to attract readers and make them know about your blog. Even if it's good and informative, it will not get any traffic without right SEO, and as far as you understand, blogging is nothing without traffic. 

It's not very difficult to make your blog SEO-friendly. These basic techniques are must-follow for every blogger if he wants to see his website in the first page of Google Search and get as much targeted traffic as possible. 

Learn what SEM is

You won't be able to do anything for your blog to get a high PR and become popular, if you don't clearly understand what SEM is. SEM is a search engine marketing, and when you get the definition itself and its main principle, it's time for you to start using it. 

Choose the most appropriate keyword

What word or word combination will people use to search for the info given at your blog? You should check Google AdWords and choose the most appropriate one to use for your blog. But it won't be good if you choose a keyword that has millions of competitors on the Web, as no one will find your blog among them. So, choose a keyword with in about 5 000 monthly researches, and it will work much better to you. 

Perfect titles and optimized content

Catchy titles attracts users. Moreover, they attract search engines too! Your task is to make titles both informative (for search engine to understand what info you are going to provide) and interesting (for your potential readers to want read it actually). The content itself is not the last thing to pay attention to as well! Try to optimize it for maximum, using subtitles, short paragraphs, catchy images... All this makes people want to continue reading your blog, and it works perfectly for getting a higher rank from Google.

Remember about keywords

Never forget about keywords! They are a guarantee, that your blog will appear in search engine results. Google won't be able to find it among millions of other sources on the Web, so, don't be lazy to spread appropriate keywords in your blog's content. They should be present in titles, descriptions, and articles' bodies themselves. But it doesn't mean that you should use them everywhere you can and make the text look like a simple heap of word combinations with no connections between them. Keywords should be used very wisely. 

Use bookmarks

To generate new visitors to your blog, don't forget to submit some social bookmarks to it. This is a really essential instrument, as it lets more users to find out about your blog through social networks.  It's not difficult to add some “Share” button to every blog article to make it easier for visitors to spread it via their social media. Some extra traffic is guaranteed. 

Do all these thing seem obvious to you? But even a specialist can't do anything without basic knowledge, especially when these basics do work for him! Following all basic points can bring much profit and success indeed.

Submitted by Alex Strike, Writing Help blogger and copywriter. Nothing works good to him but words and interesting content to share. 

10 Most Popular Mistakes All Bloggers Make

The ten mistakes listed below are all very common mistakes, and if you are a blogger then you will be hard pressed to honestly say you have never made at least one of these mistakes. Each mistake also has a possible solution underneath it.

blogging mistakes

10 the Most Popular Mistakes All Bloggers Make

1 - Writing very long paragraphs

Doing this will make the blog posts very difficult to read. It is not like reading from paper where text may be squished into tiny areas. Digital text needs to be purposefully easier to read, which means smaller paragraphs.

Just don’t do it

Don’t write long paragraphs. Split up your paragraphs when you are finished and either make the content more concise, or use transitions between paragraphs so people can follow the thread as if the paragraphs were still long.

2 - Not adding images to their blog posts

People don’t do it because they do not think of it or they do not think it matters, but it really does as it gives life to a blog post. And, an image is often what people use to judge the content, so you need to make sure you have images.

Add at least one image to each blog post

Make a point of adding at least one image. It can be an image you took yourself with your own camera, or drew onto your computer. It can even be a public domain/creative commons license picture if you wish.

3 - Not using a scheduling tool

A scheduling tool is something that all bloggers need. It makes it so that a blogger can plan posts weeks in advance, and ensures that the blog is always posted at the correct time and on the correct day. Not having one will rob the blog of a regular blog posting frequency.

Find a scheduling tool you can use

Make sure you find a good one that does its job perfectly and allows you to schedule quite a few in advance.

4 - Forgetting to update their RSS feed

This is a common mistake that people truly make by accident. They will update their blog but forget to write a line in their RSS feed and update it. This leads to RSS feed subscribers wondering what is going on and not visiting.

Find a scheduling tool that updates your RSS feed when it posts your blog

When you find your scheduling tool from tip number 3, you should also find one that updates your RSS feed too. When you upload your blog post to the tool you also add your RSS feed description line, and the tool updates and posts on your behalf when the time is right.

5 - Running out of ideas so they become boring

This is classic and the mistake that all bloggers truly make. People start to slowly run out of ideas or burnout, so they either quit or they go searching on Google for a new topic. They often find one that is sufficient and create a twisted rewrite or re-imagining. It makes for very boring reading and the blog often loses its edge.

Plan your blog posts weeks in advance

Doing this is going to help identify when you are running out of ideas. You are then forced to deal with your lack of ideas weeks before it actually becomes an issue; by which time you will have probably come up with hundreds of new ideas.

6 - Changing the tone and style of writing

This often happens over time without the writer even realizing it, and sometimes this is okay. It is not so good if the writer does it every week, or every fortnight. It makes the blog harder to follow and builds a very weak blogging brand.

Create a blogging structure that you stick to

Set up a set of blogging conditions or a blogging structure that keeps your style more uniform. For example, if you are the host of a funny blog then vow to have at least every third sentence say something funny. If you set up conditions such as this then it is harder to deviate from a certain blogging style.

7 - Being apologetic for your opinion or content

This happens when a blogger writes a post and then gets a lot of negative feedback from people on social media or people on the comment section. The blogger starts to apologize for comments or content and becomes increasingly conservative and apologetic in the future (which makes for dull reading).

Know that it is your blog and set your rules accordingly

You are the lord and master of your blog because you are doing it for free. You are the boss because you have no boss, which means all rules are your own. If your viewers do not like it then they can go read the My Little Pony blog instead.

8 - Trying a little bit of black-hat SEO

It is very tempting to try and stuff a few cloaked keywords into your blog, or to solicit for links. It is even easier when you see how many people are advertising things such as links for sale and Facebook “like”s for sale. But, the results are always the same; i.e. the blog is penalized by Google.

Forget shortcuts and work for long term goals

Remember the fact that getting higher up the Google search engine results is going to take a long time and that Google are well aware of all the ways people manipulate search engines.

9 - Adding affiliate advertising and scaring off loyal viewers

Bloggers do this because it is a way of monetizing a blog. They see that they are getting traffic and see lots of adverts for how affiliate advertising makes a lot of money and how exciting and fun it is, so they give it a go and scare off their loyal viewers.

Consider your audience before you make your decision

Is there no other way that you can make money with your blog? Does it have to be affiliate advertising? The money you get for affiliate advertising is very little and probably not worth scaring your loyal viewers off for.

10 - Changing the focus/topic of the blog

This often happens after a blogger has run out of ideas and has started to push the limits of his/her blog topic. It also happens when the blogger’s enthusiasm for a certain topic starts to die off and he/she wants to try new things. He/she starts to dabble with other topics, leaving the original blog topic out to dry.

Define your blog topic and stick to it

You can always write guest blog posts if you have other ideas that you want to spread around. You do not have to put your newer off-topic ideas onto your own blog.

Author: Sonia Jackson. She provides unique and well-written posts for different sites and can help students with java assignment.

3 Simple Tips to Follow Before Domain Registration

Think about it this way, everyone is addressing you by many pronouns and adjectives, eventually some end up confused that whom are they talking about? And suddenly a noun is muttered, your name.... and the clouds of confusion diffuse. Similar is the case with your domain name. Value your domain name registration and treat it like the naming ceremony for your business’s first baby. This should be the very first step to create a perfect identity for your company/business/personal use etc. 

Scientifically, domains are integral elements of magnet but for an internet based business these domains themselves work as magnets, when chosen wisely, attracts customers directly. A creative, influential and relevant domain name can create wonders for your business.

Tips to Follow Before Domain Registration

How To Name?

Listening only to the creative part of your mind does not prove smart enough while selecting a name for your online based business. You need to open your mind and look for all possible words & phrases. Should be short, meaningful, compelling and relevant i.e. should relate to your type of business. If you are a writer then the domain should be in your name, if already exists try your name with some funky variation and BINGO! Generic names brand themselves very easily for instance and These domains explain their own services, it sounds relevant and drives traffic very conveniently. Keeping keywords on your priority list will ease up the process.

But, it does not mean that you can’t think out of the box. Go wild and shake every corner of your brain to get the best and spell binding name for your web. What if someone else has thought about the same name you have.... no worries, always keep some options and then go on a searching spree on some reliable free domain search websites and then finalize your domain name. 

Where To Look For Name?

Recently, I was wandering on internet to find a domain name if it existed in the web world and I came across an awesome service called The question arises is why I found it awesome is  it makes the search process easy and very friendly and totally free. All you need to do is just add in your G-talk account, write down your desired domain and Viola! It will show you if the domain exists. And the best thing is, if your desired domain does not exist, for example, you want to own , and it's not available, it will show you another option like so that you get your desired name with further more options.

How to Own Name?

Registration is the most common and important term in every possible aspect of any business. You are not a recognized entity until you go through this process, so better be cautious and trust reliable & cost effective web hosting sources only.

Various web hosting sites provide many options and many ways to own a domain name like, shared web hosting, where a single server is capable of hosting more than one site. Dedicated web hosting, its required if your website is big and needs to be safe, reliable and fast, and Re seller web hosting, its an easy way to start an income and to generate sufficient revenue to expand one's business.. Choose what best suits your requirements and go ahead with your business plan.

It is always the best option to register your domain with a two year validity, this shows your seriousness regarding your business plan. DOT-COM is the most popular and most searched among all. Try for it first but don’t feel low if you can’t get it with your desired name selections. There are endless options served on your online platter, and everyone is invited in the virtual world. So go ahead, think something exceptional, search it, get it registered and bask in the glory of recognition.

guest author area 51 About Author
Hey Folks! I am Surabhi, a professional content strategist for and I believe in creating original content ethically. I have an eye for reading & a nerve for writing since I understood these two words.

How To Install ClockworkMod Touch Recovery On Galaxy S3 (I9300)

ClockworkMod Touch Recovery is the most popular and most versatile recovery. The best thing about it is that it provides "touch" support. Its the best and safest way to root your Galaxy S3. ClockworkMod Recovery also supports installing from external SD Card. Because of this you can store all your roms and mods in external sd card and install them whenever you want even though you wipe your device. okay so lets begin the tutorial.

How To Install ClockworkMod Touch Recovery On Galaxy S3


Here is a zip package which you'll need to download before moving to Steps. Download the file from below and do not extract the files, it should be in .tar format

Size: 6.01 MB

Steps to Install ClockworkMod.

Note: Although this is successfully tested by me, i recommend you to backup your EFS.

Step 1: On your Galaxy S3, Hold Volume Down + Home + Power button together for about 15-20 seconds until your S3 resets and shows up an option to enter Download mode. (Make sure your phone is disconnected from computer)

Step 2: Once it shows up that option, Enter Download mode by hitting volume up button.

Step 3: Once you've entered Download mode, Connect your Galaxy S3 to your computer using USB cable.

Step 4: Start Odin, You should see a yellow box with a COM number. If you can't see a yellow box then the drivers are not properly installed. In that case please re-install the drivers.

Step 5: Now click on 'PDA' and browse to 'recovery-cwmtouch-' file (Download)

Step 6: Now hit the Start button and wait for few seconds.

Step 7: After few seconds, your S3 will reboot and will take you to ClockworkMod Touch Recovery.

Step 8: You will get a 'Pass' sign if everything goes right. This means that you've successfully installed ClockworkMod Touch Recovery to your S3. Your device will automatically reboot.

I hope you like my tutorial. I would love to hear from you. Please do comment if you are having any issues regarding this. This is tested on my Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300).
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7 Best Finance Apps for iPad

best, finance, apps, ipad
Here are  seven apps that you should try if you have just bought  yourself an  iPad. They are better  than any of the iPhone versions  because they have larger displays, they  are easier to read  and some of them have  more functions. Some  of  them  are just  iPad apps and some are also available on the iPhone and Android. The apps are in no particular order because they each do different things.

7 Best Finance Apps for iPad

1. PowerOne Finance Calculator

This is an RPN and algebraic calculator, and is good if you work within the finance field. It can help you to work out ROI, and do various types of conversions. It allows you to calculate compound growths, profit margins, auto loans, depreciation, etc. You can also see the data as graph for better understanding.

2. Easy Books

This app is handy if you have to maintain a lot of accounts at once. If you are self-employed you may have to manage different accounts, and it is unlikely that any of them start and finish at the same time. This app can go some way to synchronizing your efforts so that you do not accidentally come up short on one of your accounts or budgets. This is an app that is good at making accounting tasks a little easier, and is great for people who do not like the Sage program.

3. PocketMoney

This is a personal financial manager app that is very easy to use. It looks great and has a fairly simple function. It has a “budget bar” panel with which you can see a visual representation of your budget. You are able to see if you are draining one of your budgets in the same way you may check a car for petrol. This is a good single-glance app, because it shows you (in one glance) just how much of your budget you have left.

4. The Wall Street Journal

This is a finance app that allows you to read the Wall Street Journal. It is a financial newspaper which is similar to the British Financial Times newspaper. This app allows you to read the paper with a very high quality display. It is not a text-to-screen job, because they have put a lot of attention into making the pages seem pleasant and readable. It also has interactive pages, slideshows, videos and pictures too.

5. Account Tracker

This is a budgeting tool that you can use to manage your expense accounts with consummate ease. It allows you to track how you are spending your money and how much of your budget you have left. It is very good for taking a quick glance at your finances every now and again. The app is very customizable so that you can change and adjust it to your specific needs. You
can set up things such as alerts that will tell you if you have overdrawn or have gone over your budget.

6. PayPal

There are a lot of apps that allow you to access your PayPal account, and as you may imagine, there is one for the iPad. The PayPal app is good for gaining access to your account so that you can check your balance, upload and withdraw money. It is also good for receiving money that is in a different currency, as you can change it right there and then. PayPal also have a very quick withdrawal time if you have a business account and are a regular user. PayPal acts as a very good intermediate, which people should use if they do not want to keep giving away their card details to websites.

7. Bloomberg for iPad

This is also an iPhone app that you can use to look at stocks and shares. The iPad version is better than the iPhone version because the interface is bigger and subsequently easier to use. It allows you to take a closer look at an awful lot of information in one go. It is good for experts and amateurs. It is also very well presented and very good at its job.

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A Message from Jim Luthra

Today I'm writing this post because I wan't to share something with my visitors. 
"For those who don't know, I'm Jimmie Luthra (also known as Jim). I'm a Deck Cadet in Merchant Navy and currently studying for Officer Rank. Soon I'm going to join My First Ship and I'll have to leave my country and stay on board for more than an year. During this Phase I have lot to study and I'll be very busy on board the ship. So I won't be able to Update this blog like I used to do, At Ship I won't get enough time for blogging and probably there will be No Internet connection. So I won't be able to post new articles."
I Hope you guys will understand, after all Merchant Navy is my career and obviously it will be my first preference. 

New Admin and Co-Author

I've worked really hard on this blog and I don't want it to get waste, So I'm appointing a New Admin and Co-Author, Who will make sure that this blog continues running like it used to. The New Author has his expertise in Technology, Gadgets, iPhone's, Smartphones etc. So he will be perfect for this blog. The New Author is none other than My Brother "Georgy Luthra"

In my Absence, The New Author will keep Posting New and High Quality Articles and will continue to update you. I'll try to post articles whenever possible but I couldn't then Georgy will Take care of it.

Thank You Guys for Reading it!

Founder & Owner

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8 Amazing Tips to Speed Up Your Android Phone

Android phones are quite powerful these days, but there are still people who wish their phones were a little faster. It may be that they purchased an economy phone that does not have much process power or the phone may be outdated, or the phone may be so loaded down with apps and programs that it has slowed the phone down. Whatever the reason is, it is important to try to speed your phone up again. Here are a few ways that you may do so.

tips to speed up android phone

How to Speed Up Your Android Smartphone

1. Think about using a different launcher

Think about using a home alternative. There are quite a few third party launchers out there that you can use. They are an alternative to the launcher that comes with the Android. The Android home is quite complex and takes up a fair amount of memory, RAM and processor power. A third party launcher offers a strip down all of these functions, so that you are just presented with a simple launching program.

2. Lower your settings on your phone

The home page (home/home screen) may often have its settings lowered to a level that requires less processor power or memory. It is like when you play PC games and you lower the graphics so that you can play the game without it getting jerky. A similar thing may be done with an Android in many cases.

3. Turn off the animations on your Android

The animations are the little things that happen whenever you do something on your Android, such as when you open a tab or an app. These animations are there for no other reason than to look pretty. People are averse to computing software working for them, without a little bit of a preamble first. This may be removed so that the animations no longer appear. You may disable the animations on the screen, and here is how you do it: 

Settings > Display > Animation

Doing this is both pragmatic and will improve your Android performance.

4. Disable the plugin browser 

This is another thing you can do to increase the speed of your Android. It removes yet another element that slowly sucks your processor power and memory. It is a little drag factor that you may remove. Here is how you do it: 

Open Browser > Settings > Plugins.

5. Do not use live wallpaper

It looks pretty and it makes using your Android a little more interesting, but it does have a drag factor on the performance of your Android phone. So, it is better if you do not use live wallpaper.

6. Clear out your apps every now and again

Uninstall any applications that are not used anymore (unless they cost you a lot of money). If you have apps that you use very infrequently (maybe such as a currency converter), but that was also free, you should delete it. If you need the free app then you can just download it. Removing apps will free up some memory space. Memory usage will affect your Androids performance. Imagine that your Android OS is a librarian, and the apps are books in the Library. If there are fewer books then the librarian will find your Where’s Wally books faster.

7. Replace your heavy apps with lighter ones

Your apps will take up a certain amount of processor power and memory. Some apps are far slower than others, so uninstall the applications that consume too much memory and replace them with others that have the same function but consumes less. There are apps on the android Market whose coding is not optimized which makes them run slower. Find the ones that are better-optimized (have “tighter code” if you wish to use programmer parlance). Heavy apps (ones that use lots of processor power and memory) may often be loaded with features that you never even use. You may find other apps out there that do less and yet still have all the features you need.

8. Remove or turn off background apps

Some of these will run without your knowledge. Which means it may be time to have a good look at what your Android is actually up to. For example, many people leave their GPS on in the background without realizing it is drinking their processor power and memory.

Image Source:

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Seeking an Alternative to Facebook Messenger? Look No Further than Chit Chat

Over the past three years Facebook has extended its dominance of social networking from that of being a medium of news and picture exchange to web-based chatting, more commonly known as instant messaging.
chit chat messenger the best alternative of facebook

So quick has Facebook managed to establish Facebook chat as a dominant network that it has caught many of the established players such as AIM, MSN Messenger and Digsby off guard. In fact they have been caught so far off guard that these networks are now shadows in terms of popularity of their former selves. Indeed, MSN Messenger is closing down next month (May 2013).

Using the Facebook Chat Network

Whilst Facebook chat is indeed a dominant chat network, and Facebook does now offer the ability to chat on your desktop there are alternatives to the Facebook Messenger program.

There are many reasons as to why you might want to change from using Facebook’s own desktop Messenger application:

  • Signing in problems: Often due to the “web” phrasing connection nature strategy of the Facebook Messenger application, sign in problems can and do occur.  
  • Privacy concerns: Now that Facebook has become stock market listed there is a growing pressure to monetize apps to a greater extent to achieve greater share-holder value year on year. There is a conflict in interest between the Facebook users and the Facebook shareholders. 
  • Advertisement intrusion: Even though at the time of writing Facebook Messenger is free of advertising, we’ve found that Facebook has with no notice randomly added advertising in various places of their online assets once market dominance has been established. 
  • Missing features: Though Facebook Messenger does indeed offer the utility that you would expect from a Messenger application – chatting, there are many features such as auto-responding, text formatting and status changing that you may feel like you are missing out on from your desktop.

Chit Chat for Facebook is an independently developed desktop Facebook Messenger download that connects to the Facebook chat network. This unofficially developed application includes some features that many have come to expect from instant messenger networks over the years including status change notifications and a tabbed instant messenger interface.

chit chat messenger

More recently the developers of this Facebook messenger download have included a clever chat history database system which makes it easy to find messages that were sent a long time ago.

Advantages That Chit Chat Provides Over Facebook Messenger

  • Robust Connection: This Facebook Messenger alternative offers two methods by which it connects to Facebook chat, if one doesn’t work the system will automatically try the second methodology. This is all in the background of course. 
  • Sign In Notifications: This clever chat app lets you know when your Facebook friends and foes have logged in and out with a toast bar in the bottom right hand side. 
  • Database Chat History: Facebook’s chat history isn’t exactly the easiest to sift through online. If storing your conversations is important to you, then you’ll love what Chit Chat has to offer. 

Independently Developed– There is a growing area of concern over the dominance of Facebook in the area of social networking and the extent of personal data and information with which Facebook have access to. Including a Facebook application on one’s computer offer an additional opportunity for Facebook to connect personal information that you have elected to share with information that you have not explicitly opted to share. Chit Chat being independently developed mitigates this issue.


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